the meaning of having a room tag

this one is easy, compared to the last two. having a room tag is important because it identifies this one as belonging to the Homestone and training under Master Belseph, Master WaterDragon, and sienna. Master’s House of True Goreans’ room tag is HTG, which this girl adds to the end of her name while in any* chatroom on CollarMe.

a room tag also reminds this girl that she IS in training and DOES belong to the Homestone. it is for others to identify her as well as for her to come to terms with and remember her own status in the Homestone–that of a slave.

other stylization within chatrooms also helps this one know her place. for example: Masters’ (and Mistresses’) names are capitalized; slaves’ names are lowercase. the capitalization (or lack thereof) helps this one know who to greet first upon entering, who to defer to in conversation, and who to ask for permission to leave the room or go away from keyboard (afk). sienna has a special tag signifying her as first girl (fg), which means that this one greets her after the Freepersons, but before the other slaves in the room.

if a Master owns a slave, usually that slave will have the Master’s letters at the end of her name in a chatroom to identify her as His, just as this girl does with the Homestone’s letters. in the end, having a room tag or a Master’s tag is always at the discretion of the Head of the Homestone or the Master to whom the slave is collared.

*should this one add the room tag while in any chatroom, or only the House of True Goreans?

Viannah E. Duncan

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