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Let’s NOT lose the kids to drugs or alcohol or whatever. If you’re dealing with a trouble teenager, CALL Help My Teen – Troubled Teen Help!!! I’ve BEEN a troubled teen, and I know that having parents who cared–even when they didn’t know what to do–really helped me. Help My Teen will help you get through to your teenager and maybe even save his or her life! I’m not even kidding with this one… If you’re even a little worried, call them! Better safe than sorry, right?

Day Two hundred eighty-seven

  1. Today is Daylin and Pedro’s birthday! YAY. Happy birthday to both of you!
  2. Got almost half of my independent study paper done. Gotta keep trudging along.
  3. Hahahah. NOT picking up the phone when I don’t want to and/or don’t have to.
  4. Communications dinner on Monday and English Dept. dinner last night = very good.
  5. The weather here is absolutely beautiful! It’s lovely.

Nice smelling, pretty looking soaps!

Have you heard of Remember Maui handmade soaps? They’re amazing; I like the floral-scented ones best, although they also have fruit-scented soaps as well. If you can’t decide, you can get their soap samplers and try them all! Remember Maui also sells handmade lotions, Shea body butter, bath and massage oils, bubble bath body washes, and an array of Hawaiian gift items (including wedding favors).

The shop is owned by Bill, a retired stock broker, and Akemi, a master basket weaver, who “fell in love with the quality and silky smooth sensations of handmade soaps on the Island and decided in 2002 to retire and start their own family business.” Handwritten gift cards are included free with every gift order, and if you buy $25 worth of merchandise, you’ll also get free cream soap–but I’m pretty sure the latter is for a limited time only, so head on over there!

Remember Maui is located at 115 Hapuahi St, Makawao HI, 96768. The direct phone number is 808-572-5661, or you can all toll free at 800-520-2081 (access code 37).

FOREX Trading with Global Futures

Global Futures Exchange & Trading Company, Inc., is one of the many places you can call home for your FOREX trading. Their site is available in many languages (assuming you can read the name of the language in English on the front page so that you can click on it), and it’s pretty user-friendly. “FOREX” stands for “Foreign Exchange” (it should probably be “ForEx,” then, but no one wants to have to capitalize like that all the time, I’m sure). Global Futures offers FOREX through eGlobalFX, where you can learn more about the trading system, if you’re unfamiliar, and contact the Forex Support Team if you have questions. If interested, you can open an account for as low as $250; click the first link in this post. If you’re curious but unsure and want to learn more before deciding if FOREX is for you, click the second link. [There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures, options and forex. Click here to read Global Futures’ disclaimer.]

Impromptu hiatus

As you may have noticed, I have not bee updating this site with any kind of regularity. It’s that time of the year again–finals–and I really canNOT afford to screw these up. I have less than two weeks of school left before I officially graduate from undergrad, and I’ve got to get some shit done before that happens. In no particular order (although the first five are currently most important):

1. His374 take home final.
2. His490 paper.
3. Eng210 final.
4. Eng480 manuscript.
5. NYCTF interview.
6. Wilkes Uni. personal statement.
7. New College personal statement.
8. College loan stuff.
9. Exit interviews.

Camp La Jolla

At Camp La Jolla, Christine Gardner and other teenagers have lost weight and gained self-esteem. Gardner left the camp over two years ago 50 lbs. lighter and, during the following year, lost another 50 lbs. “I really like who I am,” she said in a letter to camp staff, “I like to shop and I am proud to be a girl. I used to hide it in my baggy clothes.”

Now at age 16, Christine is going back to fat camp after being cut from her soccer and cross-country teams, losing her boyfriend, and being abandoned by some of her friends. Nancy Lenhart, owner of Camp La Jolla for 35 years, says, “She’s coming back to our teen weight loss camp to start over.” Apparently, while on a family vacation, Christine started to over eat and things just snowballed from there, causing her to gain back 50 lbs. of the weight she’d previously lost.

She’s received a four-week camp scholarship. “We see her as an inspiration to others as she shares her ordeal about how she’s fighting back and starting over. She will make a strong [positive] impact on others” at the camp.

To learn more about Christine and Camp La Jolla, a nationally acclaimed fitness and weight loss program for children, teens and adults, visit their website or call 1-800-825-TRIM. A video of the summer program can be viewed at the website. Camp La Jolla is located in La Jolla, California; accommodations are provided by University of California, San Diego.