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293 #3: My furniture is for sale!

Sofa + matching chair, 2 coffee tables, set of drawers = ALL MUST GO! – $200

I live in Lancaster, PA, so you’ll need some kind of transportation back to your place. I live in a third floor apartment; you’ll also need to bring people to help you get the stuff down the stairs. Photos are available upon request. I MUST get rid of these items by May 30; prices are negotiable! Thanks; I hope to hear from you soon!

The sofa is 84″x35″x24″ total. Seating area is 70″x21″x9″. Cost: $100 plus you coming to pick it up and get it out of my apartment.

The chair is 34″x35″x24″ total. Seating area is 23″x21″x9″. Cost: $50 plus you coming to pick it up and get it out of my apartment.

The set of drawers is white; three small top drawers and six larger lower drawers; 45″x33″x15″ total. Cost: $35 plus you coming to pick it up and get it out of my apartment.

The square coffee table is in decent shape; some knicks on the legs, but nothing a little polish won’t fix; 28″x28″x20″ with room for storage underneath, if necessary. Cost: $25 plus you coming to pick it up and get it out of my apartment.

The rectangular coffee table isn’t in as good shape as the square since it’s seen more use, but it’s sturdy and with a table cloth or runner will do just fine in any home; 50″x21″x14″. Cost: $35 plus you coming to pick it up and get it out of my apartment.

Sofa + chair only: $125 plus you coming to pick them BOTH up and get them out of my apartment.
Everything: $200 all told plus you coming to pick ALL items up and get them out of my apartment.

Father’s Day is next month!

Fathers Day Gifts from Gourmet Gift Baskets may be just the right idea for your dad this June. Father’s Day is a special day each year in which we celebrate and honor our fathers, uncles, and grandfathers, and the other father figures in our lives! Gourmet Gift Baskets promises that, if you shop with them for Father’s Day this year, they will “help you put a smile on [your dad’s] face this Father’s Day unlike any you’ve seen before.” They handcraft gifts with recipes you dad is sure to love; but they can and will also custom-make a gift to your specifications. After all, you know your dad best! Each gift basket includes the finest chocolates, nuts, wines, cheeses, and fruits. “Whatever your dad’s passion, we have a selection of Father’s Day gift baskets you can trust he’ll love.” Remember, gourmet is always a gift in good taste!

PayPerPost actually pays

I’ve had my ups and downs with PayPerPost. Although I’m relatively loyal (meaning, I write decent posts and do what I’m supposed to do), [info]5reasons is–unfortunately–a second-class blog because it’s hosted by LiveJournal rather than having my own domain name or whatever. I was so irritated one day that I took a screen shot of the PPP website to prove that, at that time, there were no opportunities at all for “little bloggers” like myself. Still, when I signed on last September, I wasn’t honestly expecting for my membership to go anywhere or to actually be paid anything for the posts I did write. Thankfully, I stuck it out, and was surprised one day in October to see a payment in my PayPal! As it turns out, I can make money blogging, and even though it’s not TONS of $$$ from the Big Opps, it’s still something. Every penny counts!

Stuff left to do

In order of importance:
Pack like crazy
Find an apartment!

Completed items (w/ date):
Poetry manuscript (5/1)
History take-home exam (5/2)
Pick up cap and gown (5/3)
History paper, 40+ pages (5/5)
English final on Sat. (5/5)
Return library books (5/5)
Exit interviews (5/9)
School loan stuff (5/9)
Clean for relatives (5/10)
Send back metrostyle stuff (5/10)
Thank yous to profs, etc. (5/15)
Write grad. announcement letter (5/17)
Graduation announcements (5/18)
New College application (5/18)

I’m dragging my feet as much as possible because I don’t want to leave.
If I keep dragging, however, I may not graduate.
Help me!
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