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Every Little Thing She Does is Magic!

[Click on the picture for a larger version.] O.M.G. The Police are going on a NEW worldwide tour. I grew up on their music. My elder cousins were heartbroken when they broke up in the mid-80’s and when the band performed at the Grammy Awards, I thought one of them [my cousins] was going to have a heart attack and die of her excitement. I would love to be able to give her the NEW Police CD, so I’m hoping that the internet gods are smiling upon me!

How can you go wrong with three lovely British men in awesome poses and wild hair? I remember my mom playing “Every Breath You Take” and “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” (which, by the way, are both on the second disc of their new album) when she was feeling low to cheer herself up… which only worked sometimes, ’cause then she’d remember that they broke up in ’86 (a year after I was born). Wow… I didn’t realise I have such a sorted history with The Police. Below are the tracks included on the new album, set to be released June 5 in the United States and June 11 internationally. For more information and for the Police CD, check out ThePolice.com!

The Police

Disc One
01. Fallout
02. Can’t Stand Losing You
03. Next to You
04. Roxanne
05. Truth Hits Everybody
06. Hole in My Life
07. So Lonely
08. Message in a Bottle
09. Reggatta de Blanc
10. Bring on the Night
11. Walking on the Moon
12. Don’t Stand So Close to Me
13. Driven to Tears
14. Canary in a Coalmine

Disc Two
01. Do Do Do de da da Da
02. Voices Inside My Head
03. Invisible Sun
04. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
05. Spirits in the Material World
06. Demolition Man
07. Every Breath You Take
08. Synchronicity I
09. Wrapped Around Your Finger
10. Walking in Your Footsteps
11. Synchronicity II
12. King of Pain
13. Murder by Numbers
14. Tea in the Sahara

Let’s play twenty (…two?) questions

01. Middle Name: Starts with an ‘E’
02. Age: 22 in one week and one day
03. Single or Taken: Taken
04. Favorite Movie: Disney’s Beauty & the Beast
05. Favorite Song or Album: ‘As I lay Me Down’ by Sophie B. Hawkins
06. Favorite Band/Artist: P!nk, Christina Aquilera, Superchic[k], Nana Kitade
07. Dirty or Clean: Mind or body?
08. Tattoos and/or Piercings: Sure, why not?
09. What’s your philosophy on life? I can’t answer that in one sentence
10. Is the bottle half-full or half-empty? Depends on the day, of course
11. Would you keep a secret from someone? Uh… yeah
12. What is your favorite memory? Umm, let me get back to you on that one
13. What is your favorite guilty pleasure? Ice water, black tea with cream and sugar
14. One odd/interesting fact about you: Finding human hair (not attached to someone) really freaks me out
15. Three wishes (for yourself, so forget the ‘world peace’ stuff): ability to fly, endless supply of $$$, ability to ‘read’ people
16. Which country is your spiritual home? Here, the United States, although I wish I could say somewhere cooler
17. What is your greatest weakness? my need for external discipline/pressure to get anything done
18. What was your favorite subject in high school? Colorguard, English
19. Describe your accent. Um, Southern California + Appalachia + a tiny bit of NYC now and then
20. What do you wear to sleep? comfortable clothing
21. Trousers or skirts? ‘Trousers’? Who uses that word? Floor-length skirts; otherwise: pants
22. Cigarettes or alcohol? No. Eww

Weelll… that was sorta lame.

Ooooh, shiny.

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Florida’s not just for Oranges!

Of course, everyone loves Florida’s orange juice, but the state actually boasts a $87 billion (yes, that’s right: billion) agriculture industry that provides food for the entire world! “Fresh From Florida” helps market the state’s agriculture and shows the importance to and impact on Florida’s farmers. Please, watch this video about Florida’s agriculture and consider buying food homegrown in the future.