PayPerPost actually pays

I’ve had my ups and downs with PayPerPost. Although I’m relatively loyal (meaning, I write decent posts and do what I’m supposed to do), [info]5reasons is–unfortunately–a second-class blog because it’s hosted by LiveJournal rather than having my own domain name or whatever. I was so irritated one day that I took a screen shot of the PPP website to prove that, at that time, there were no opportunities at all for “little bloggers” like myself. Still, when I signed on last September, I wasn’t honestly expecting for my membership to go anywhere or to actually be paid anything for the posts I did write. Thankfully, I stuck it out, and was surprised one day in October to see a payment in my PayPal! As it turns out, I can make money blogging, and even though it’s not TONS of $$$ from the Big Opps, it’s still something. Every penny counts!

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