Big Beautiful Women

Find the big beautiful woman of your dreams at Often shortened to simply “BBW,” big beautiful women have a lot more going for them than you may at first realise. American culture is supersaturated with the “I must be skinny to be loved” body type that women who actually enjoy their curvy figures are often shunned and degraded for being “fat”… which they’re not. It’s about time someone thought of bbw dating.

I have a lot of trouble with this kind of reaction to Latifah’s body type (scroll down past the first photo for commentary). It’s terrible to assume that–because Latifah was “caught” wearing a bathing suit (on her vacation, for Christ-sakes)–she shouldn’t be “allowed” to enjoy her personal time or that she should need “to get a license” to wear something that conforms to her shape. God, it just makes me sick when people judge others by their physical size of all things. There are a LOT more appropriate things by which to judge someone… weight and body shape should not be one of those.

Okay, sorry, enough ranting for now. In any case, if you’re looking for someone who does NOT judge you for your body shape, check out these bbw personals.

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