Crap. I just witnessed a domestic dispute and/or child abuse. I’m sitting outside of Yager’s house (for the free internets, of course) and a house on my right just got really quiet. Then, out of nowhere I hear this thick WHACK and then some guy (presumably the father/male head of household) say, “I told you to stop!” Then a little girl starts crying and trying to say something but the father-guy keeps talking over her and saying things like, “Why did you make me do that? If you’d just done what I said, you wouldn’t get hurt.”

And I’m sitting here like, “FUCK.” I didn’t actually see anything, but I heard something (or, more likely, someone) being hit and then crying and yelling. What the fuck is wrong with people? What should I do? I don’t think I can do anything now, per se, but what do I do next time? And I know there’ll be a next time ’cause it’s never only once.


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