Interview went well. Now…

I managed to get to my interview on time yesterday (I actually arrived before the interviewer did!) and it went well. If SHE (that is, the interviewer) also thinks it went well, I’ll be moving on the the third (and final) round and will meet with “Ryan, the CEO.” I need to check out their website so I don’t look stupid when/if I talk to him. I also managed to sound relatively intelligent when Bennett’s parents asked about how it went. I’m REALLY hoping I get this job, but I’m afraid the competition is fierce… or at least fierce-ish. Now (as in, the rest of my stay here in NYC) I’m looking for a room to call my own so that if I get this job I can actually accept it. Here’s to hoping, right?

I’m feeling kinda down because I’m avoiding a truth that I really wish wasn’t true. I guess I’ll get to that when I’m feeling braver and more secure. I’ll keep you all updated, etc.

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