Goth Scene Dating

Yes, soooooo, since I last posted for PPP, the rules have changed. Poo for me; poo on them. Anyway, my disappointment noted, let’s get on with goth dating!

Let me start off with a disclaimer; I’m not gothic. I’m not even close. I tend toward punk styles, but I’m not really that either. That said, goths are a diverse group of individuals centered around music and, to a lesser degree, art. Gothic personals, you ask? You can check out the site for yourself, if you like, but essentially… is a place for similarly-minded people to congregate and be romantic (or, at least, flirtatious), just like my previous dating site posts. I just want to help lay out all the options.

[I thought a grey sponsor bar would be appropriate for this post since they don’t offer black and grey was the gothiest color choice.]

Day Two hundred ninety-eight

  1. Resolving to (finally) get my homework done and get Duncan Heights up and working. Enough dawdling!
  2. Although I disagree with some of what it says, this article has some decent advice (for men and women).
  3. Watch this music video by Kanye West. Then, watch this (and, may I say, much better) version.
  4. Watch the genius short webisodes of The Guild (the first one is linked). AMAZING.
  5. Spiderman is all about educating the masses, man! Rock on, Spidey!