This does not sit well with the idea that kids are supposed to grow up, move out, and move on. Well, at least I know where I’m going to be living when I’m 50. *cries*

“Free by Error”—WTF?

Free by Error, Ex-Radical Back in Prison via the Associated Press.

Um, is it just me, but isn’t this seriously unfair? I mean, I know that people are put in prison for doing bad things, and this one was bad (not to mention seriously politically charged), but COME ON.

Shouldn’t there be like a “bank error in your favor” kind of thing here? Like, if they let you out early, it’s their own damn fault and they have to live with it??? They can’t just say, “Oh, oops. Our bad. You have to go back to prison now”—can they? Is that allowed?

Seriously, this just seems cruel and unusual. It’s like dangling a steak cooked to perfection in front of a starving man. Sheesh.