EMT classes at NPI

Some of you may know that I have, in the past, seriously considered training to be an emergency medical technician (EMT) but have never gotten far because I pursue other avenues before health care. Anyway, I’m more interested in mental health than physical health, and I have some friends who are EMTs who have told me stories about their work places and schedules that make becoming an EMT less appealing.

I learned about the National Paramedic Institute, where online EMT training courses and other types of courses are offered, through a friend who was trying to find continuing education classes online. She doesn’t have a lot of time to physically sit in class, so online learning tends to be more practical. The National Paramedic Institute website is user-friendly and includes a feature called Medic Monthly that boasts “physician-directed, cutting-edge online EMS education for First Responders, EMTs, and Paramedics.” You can find their class offerings at paramedicinstitute.com or emsjane.com.


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