I have a holiday_wishes list, just like everyone else, but this post is to keep track of the gifts I’ve given away! (The Holiday Wishes project was first conceived in 2004 by tartanshell in this post. You can fulfill holiday_wishes, too!) If it’s crossed out, it means it’s in the mail—and out of my hands.

Total number of wishes granted: 25!

Snail mail sent to:
snoopdawg, unboundbebedora, lnorigb, lunapluvia, subbi_sis, oyglavin, sexxie_dork, sherriaisling

Tea for:
oddorable, amavia, ninomit_arol

Other gifts:
a penny
something, though I don’t yet know what
fantasy stuff
a surprise
an average surprise
a (used) digital camera
something for a grandmother and her friends
dark chocolate
bath stuff, or candles
a PC-compatible microphone (albeit a pretty crappy one)
short film recommendation
tea set (#5)
fun-sized facial tissues

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