“Inside Out Weight Loss” & “Real Weight Loss”

Note: I wrote this post more than a year ago with the intention to be more detailed and coherent, but since I haven’t even looked at it since then.. I’m just going to post it as is and be done with it.

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Two podcasts I’ve found useful in organizing my diet/exercise thoughts and inspiring myself are Inside Out Weight Loss (IOWL) and Real Weight Loss (RWL).

IOWL notes that, for those of us with poor impulse control and lackluster self-discipline (like myself), good intentions just aren’t enough. The idea that everyone has “towards motivations” and “away-from motivations” is enlightening. A “towards motivation” is positive, something like “I want to be healthy and look good in the mirror.”An “away-from motivation” is negative, like “I don’t want love handles.” So, if those were my motivations, I would (hopefully!) be moving toward looking good in the mirror and away from having love handles.

RWL suggests similar tactics. Both podcasts are by women who’ve been there: they’ve each tried multiple diets and exercise plans, and they’ve failed, too, just like me. It feels good to know I’m not alone. That seems silly to say now, but when I’m looking at a homemade danish in a bakery window or specially made chocolates at a chocolatier, it feels like I’m the only one who could possibly ever have such a hard time tearing myself away from such lovely Turkish Delights.