Gakuen Heaven

I just finished watching Gakuen Heaven. It was… a tease. Let’s just say that. Classic harem story (think Ah! Megamisama!) set at an elite school (think Shoujo Kakumei Utena but without the sword fighting or Ouran Koukou Host Club without the club) involving hot guys (pretty much any shonen anime ever) and you’ve basically got Gakuen Heaven in a nutshell. It’s not really trying to do anything new, and it doesn’t. But it is a tease. T_T

It’s like Sensitive Pornograph (that is, yaoi *grin*), but longer and without the sex. *sigh*

There are two characters nicknamed ‘King’ (in the red jacket) and ‘Queen’ (in the white uniform). They’re major characters, but not main characters (if that makes sense) and they hate each other. King (Ousama) is president of the school’s student council, Queen (Joousama) is a part of the school’s Treasury, and they hate each other. (Did I mention they hate each other?) I found it hilarious when, in episode 9, the image before cutting to commercial (if, indeed, there had been a commercial) was the one above and the one after “returning” from commercial was the one below. Hahahaha. King got beat down. ^_^ That cracked me up.

Also, as a side note, the Gakuen Heaven soundtrack is amazing.

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