Irregular Roundup #2

On Friday, I’ll be taking an early bus to Wilkes-Barre and catching a ride with a friend down to Caledonia State Park for the weekend, where there will be many writer friends but no internet service, so I’m going to try to write posts ahead of time and have them auto-post. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just post the backlog when I return Sunday night or next Monday morning.

I’m not going to complete my goal of finishing my TPS reports before this trip, though I did get one done, which is one more than I had before. I’m hoping to get one or two more before Friday. If I finish, I’ll post ’em here.

In the meantime, here are some more links of interest. Most of them are interesting, but I don’t have enough in my brain about them to warrant an entire post about them.

Three Grammar Rules You Can (and Should) Break: I’ll admit I’m a stickler for not ending a sentence with a preposition, but I never thought about why. I’m modifying my personal rule to something more along the lines of: “Unless it sounds right, do not end a sentence with a preposition.” That leaves some wiggle room without having it get out of control, I’d say.

Danger Is My Middle Name: a punk rock band from Chicago. I gotta admit, I think I’m into punk rock. Related artists/influencers: Fall Out Boy, Green Day. My favorite songs at the moment are Subject to Setback and Revenge on the Radio. They’re playing in New York on April 23. Maybe I can drag Daylin and Jonathon down to watch them with me.

The Global Warming Swimming Pool: an interesting concept, but I think it’d freak me out to swim over all of Manhattan.

I linked this before, but I absolutely love this poem: The Highwayman, by Alfred Noyes. I actually heard it as a song first, and when it made me cry, I knew I had to find the entire poem.

#amazonfailed yesterday when it pulled a bunch of books about LGBT issues, disability, and erotica from its virtual shelves by taking them off the Amazon ranking list, and I’m supremely disappointed. I’ve always liked Amazon, and it makes me sad that I have to boycott them for being asses now, of all times. They say it’s a glitch, but that seems unlikely to me because other “adult books” like Ron Jeremy’s autobiography were not stripped of their rankings. Booo. It’s a pretty sad day when Iowa > Amazon. (Er, no offense meant, Iowa.)

SI; You are *not* the only one: I recently read a bunch of GW fics that involved Duo cutting himself up pretty bad. As some who used to cut myself, I can tell when the author writing about the problem has actually experienced it, and when they haven’t, by the way the experience is described. If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with self-injury, please talk to someone you trust. It’s scary to tell someone about something like that—and I know—but people are only afraid of what they don’t understand. Educate yourself and them and the world will be better off.

The Real Secret to Getting Tons of Blog Subscribers: I don’t actually know what I’d do with myself if I learned that more than a couple of people besides myself were reading this. It’s a private journal in that I write about whatever, I post randomness, and generally ignore the fact that it’s not actually a private journal. I try to have my “real posts” “mean something” but sometimes, I’ve just gotta go with fanart of one of my favorite characters.

Best “in your face, bitches” moment ever: Susan Boyle performed Les Miserables‘ “I Dreamed a Dream” in front of Simon Cowell, et al., and a live audience on the first episode of British show Britain’s Got Talent 2009 season. I still think Simon is a prick, in case anyone cares. Click to see Susan Boyle’s fansite.

1st EDIT: Yes, I know I linked to [not one, but two] of my own posts.
2nd EDIT: And yes, I’m aware I used brackets incorrectly in the previous sentence.
3rd EDIT: To the untrained eye, Duo looks like a girl, I know. But that picture of him is just hot, so it’s the one I linked. If you want more of him, just google “Duo Maxwell” or “Gundam Wing pilots” or something.

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