Irregular Roundup #4

txts frm lst nght: drunk texting… as opposed to, you know, drunk dialing… and also, people apparently like not using vowels.

Bluecoats Drum Break Finals Night: Oh man, this takes me back. I remember watching the LCHS drumline doing exactly this type of thing, marching and all. Oh maaan… I miss band so bad. And hahaha, this makes me laugh. I remember all of band wearing running clothes (basically; none of the guys had shirts, and the girls were wearing sports bras or tight-fitting shirts), but they had their shakos (plumes and all) and marching shoes on. Haha… it was funny to watch, but they had to learn to march without letting their shakos fall off. Someone looking down at his feet while marching also meant that the plume wasn’t correctly oriented, so marching was really a trust-everyone-around-you type exercise. Only the tuba section wore something different (they wore berets, but I think that’s allowed when they have to carry freakin’ tubas everywhere). The guys in the video had it worse, though, because at least our uniforms didn’t have cuffs. I can imagine the poor snare drummers’ sticks getting caught in the cuffs if they weren’t careful. Hence the practice, I guess. Oh, and I remember this. The LC drumline did that kind of thing to practice when they didn’t have space for their snares and quads, etc. And, yeah… the “tut tut TUT TUT TUT tut tut tut tut” sound they’d make to keep time is something that is impossible to forget if you’ve ever been in an marching band. Yeeeeah. Oh drumline, you always were the hottie bad boys in band… but you were still in band. Hahaha. Tough luck. Also, best warm up ever.

An interesting look at sex and religion in the Philippines, in three parts.

Japanese Fairy Tales, translated by Lafcadio Hearn. What’s interesting to me about the fairy tales isn’t actually the tales themselves, it’s that Hearn—in the 1890s—moved to Japan, became a naturalized citizen, and took his Japanese wife’s surname… and was known thereafter as Koizumi Yakumo, at least in Japan. It kind of irks me that people don’t call him by the (Japanese) name he chose for himself, as if dismissing part of Japanese culture by dismissing his part in it. I’m not sure, it just seems off to disregard someone’s own name like that.

I want this shirt because I’m a sucker, but I don’t want to have to pay $15 for it because I’m cheap. Anyone else want to indulge me? ^_^

I recently discovered the awesomeness that is the Glock 23. For once, field stripping a gun is easy, though there is something to be said for watching someone field strip a larger weapon. Anyway, I’ve decided I like the Glock 23 for a very sick, sick reason, aside from the fact that Glocks are just hot. The reason is that the Glock 23 has no (external) safety mechanism. I know, I know; I’m a sick, sick woman… but still.

And yes, we all know this already. You jerks.

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