Writers Retreat photo highlights, part 1

I took 164 pictures over three days (17-19 April 2009, this past weekend) before my camera’s battery died, narrowed it down to about 75 pictures in a “highlights” album, and have now uploaded a few of those here for your viewing pleasure. If you want them all (Donna? Rocks?), or if you want the highlights, let me know and I can email them to you as a zip file. Click on the photo for a bigger version. Enjoy! [Click here for Part 2]

Part 1: 18 April 2009

Morning, girls’ bedroom. Angie trying to get Mimma’s attention. Rocks and Diana brought their kitty and she added an extra touch!

Morning, back porch. Cory eats his famous “eggs in a nest” (best breakfast ever, btw) in the foreground while Sarah (sitting), Ken (holding football), Justice (black shirt), and Angie (red shirt) hang out in the beautiful weather. Diana and Suppa were also on the porch at that time, but I didn’t manage to catch them in this photo.

Writers’ ‘Christmas’ morning. Rocks, after just having received his gift from Angie: a shirt reading “Screenwriting ROCKS!” (He’s a screenwriter, in case that wasn’t clear.)

Writers’ ‘Christmas’ morning. Justice, right before opening her gift from Cory: a book by Stephen A. Sears, Gettysburg. (Justice is writing a historical screenplay that involves Gettysburg, and Cory’s totally the Gettysburg Authority in our group. He’s obsessed.)

Writers’ ‘Christmas’ morning. Donna, with her retreat shirt. We all got a shirt as a surprise gift from Justice. The front says, “Writer’s Retreat 4; April 17-19, 2009” and the back has all of our names.

18 April 2009, evening, around the campfire. We toasted marshmellows and had ‘smores! Sooo good. I should do that more often. ‘Smores are win. The robe is borrowed from Suppa. (He brings a bunch of them to every retreat and we each have one that is “mine”.)

18 April 2009, evening, around the campfire. Suppa brought us all a gift left over from Christmas: a huge “greeting card” made out of dark chocolate… which we ended up burning because the guys are pyros.

Evening, around the campfire. Angie, Cory, and Carol stand around the fire to get warm. It wasn’t super cold, but the fire helped a lot! Rocks started the fire, and Cory and Suppa did most of the maintenance… Like I said, the guys are pyros.

Night, playing Loaded Questions: Adult Version. We played “Loaded Questions”, Donna’s ‘Christmas’ present. The second picture is my list of answers. I don’t remember all the questions, but here are some notables:

      1. If you wanted to ruin the mood, what would you do?
      5. What celebrity would you never want to see naked?
      6. What should someone expect from an intimate partner?
      9. Describe your high school sexual activity in one word.
      14. Name a fictional sex position that you wouldn’t mind trying.
      17. Name a television show you would watch if it included full frontal nudity.
      27. If you were a pill, what would one of your side-effects be?

Viannah E. Duncan

Viannah E. Duncan is a writer and activist hailing originally from Los Angeles. She lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She has a cat, Cleo.

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