Blogathon List of Posts

I’m nothing without my lists (as you’ll periodically see if you scan through my journal here, but it’s even worse with a pen and paper—the lists that never even make it to the computer screen are the worst), and I’ve decided that my second post for this Blogathon will be a list of the remaining posts I think I’ll be covering.

(Disclaimer: These may change without notice as the time to actually post draws closer. Think of this list—during the thon, at least—not as rules… but as guidelines. ^_^)

I’ll be sticking this post to the top of the page and linking each of my Blogathon posts here so that you all will be able to find each one without hassle. ^_^ I haven’t been able to come up with 46 new topics in time to post this, so it will eventually fill in as the half hours pass.

01. Welcome to Blogathon 2009!
02. Blogathon List of Posts [that’s this post!]
03. Who I Am
04. Tell all the truth but tell it slant
05. Dad
06. Mom
07. Johnny
08. Bunny
09. Cleo
10. My Cause #1
11. Definitions
12. Games People Play #1
13. Covenant! On the landing above us!
14. Games People Play #2
15. Anime
16. Things I Can’t Live Without
17. Things I CAN Live Without
18. The Other Kittehs
19. Lunch time!
20. Naming in New York #1
21. Poetry
22. Love Where You Live
23. Zombie Plan
24. Half way there!
25. “Friend”
26. Dave
27. Bobby
28. Daylin
29. Yager
30. Dinner at the Duncan House
31. My Cause #2
32. Sleeping
33. Vacation to South Padre Island
34. Sickly
35. Colorguard
36. Checking in at midnight
37. What the psych ward taught me
38. If you fall back into my life
39. Tattoo ideas
40. Emoticon exchange
41. Naming in New York #2
42. My life according to Elton John
43. Much Ado About Nothing
44. Music
45. Your first dawn blinded you, left you cursing the day
46. Thanks to my sponsors!
47. Day Three hundred nine
48. OMG I made it!

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