Much Ado About Nothing

I’m obviously tired by this point, and my post titles are getting somewhat ridiculous. (The theory that I’m writing stupid titles because I’m tired is pretty much shot to pieces, though, because I came up with a lot of these titles on Friday evening and before the thon started yesterday morning… Maybe I knew I’d be tired?)

Right wrist

slender, the hand with which i write.
freckles move up my arm;
veins, down to my fingers.
scars on the inside of my wrist.
two on either side of center,
just missing a main artery,
crawl toward my elbow from my palm.
a third, small and round
on the right of my upturned wrist
from leaning on a hot stove
when I was twelve.

My cat is acting strange(r than normal). I’m thinking she just discovered she’s nocturnal. >_>

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