Irregular Roundup #8

If you haven’t seen Mr. Deity and don’t mind a little blasphemy with your morning coffee, I recommend it. Three- or four-minute shorts on YouTube make for some funny scenes. If you watch it, let me know what you think!

I think Donna pointed this out to me: Everything you need to know about writing a novel, in 1000 words. It’s on Nathan Bransford’s blog. Not bad advice, either.

Speaking of literary agents, has anyone ever worked with Writers Literary Agency? What did you think? It seems like a good thing, but I’m a little suspicious because it seems almost too good to be true. (And if it seems to good to be true… it probably is. *sigh*)

A funny flow chart about what (not) to say during sex.

I am some what unimpressed with this article: Smile When Your Heart is Breaking… Yeah, Right. And also, more than slightly insulted. (My brother says, in his irony, “Why is he wasting his time complaining about our generation? [That guy needs to] Get a job!”)

August 15th is the nationwide Kiss In this year “after recent incidents where same-sex couples were harrassed [sic] for kissing. They’re making it clear that there’s nothing wrong [with] — and in fact there’s beauty in — a simple kiss.”

Video game and anime soundtracks over at Kingdom Hearts Insider.

The Television Critics Association named Battlestar Galactica its Program of the Year. Congrats, cast and crew!

Obsolete (or almost obsolete) technology from PC World.

I may have unintentionally helped my own case by playing a ton of Tetris on my phone right after bad things have happened to me. (I played to get my mind off the crap of the moment when it was really bad and apparently, it may’ve helped. Who knew?)

An article by Bitchy Jones, Who’s a pretty boy, then?, about submissive men and their (lack of) taking care of themselves for the hotness. Interesting thoughts.

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