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12 Moments 09: #5

This entry is part of 12 Moments in Anime 2009.

#5 is Gundam Wing (wiki) fanfiction… of which I have read a lot this year. When I wasn’t doing stuff for class or watching anime proper (or looking for a job), I was probably reading GW fanfiction. It’s not even my favorite anime. It’s just my favorite set of characters. Gundam Wing first came out in Japan in April 1995 and has had a core set of fanfiction writers ever since who just won’t give up on the characters. And thank heavens for that, right? More reading material for me. The fandom is chugging merrily along as other animes come and go.

Main characters from the anime Gundam Wing

I finally decided to watch the whole series all the way through (which—haha—I hadn’t done before 2009)… Did you know that “the Perfect Soldier” idea for Heero came from the fandom, not the canon? Yeah, I didn’t either.

The most obvious pairing in fanfiction by far is 1xR (Heero/Relena) followed by 3×4 (Trowa/Quatre), which both have some basis in the actual series. After that comes my favorite pair, 1×2 (Heero/Duo). 6×9 (Zechs/Noin), 13×11 (Treize/Une), 5xS (Wufei/Sally), and 13×6 (Treize/Zechs) are also popular pairs. I could probably write an essay on the significance of the numbers and their order, but I won’t bore you with the details here. If you’d like some recommendations for fanfiction or would like to learn more about Gundam WIng, feel free to drop me a line.

Duo and Heero as Preventers

12 Moments 09: #6

This entry is part of 12 Moments in Anime 2009.

#6 is the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (wiki) episode in which Kamina died. My younger brother force fed me Gurren Lagann this summer and I have to admit, it was pretty good. The most devastating moment in the entire series was the end of episode 8, when Kamina died. I refused to believe it at first, and the very fabric of the series changed with his death. It was at the same time awful and amazing.

Kamina, of Gurren Lagann

Don’t believe in the you who believes in me. Don’t believe in the me who believes in you. Believe in the you who believes in yourself.

12 Moments 09: #7

This entry is part of 12 Moments in Anime 2009.

Speaking of Yaoi Press, #7 is Anime Expo’s Yaoi Prose announcement.

Yamila Abraham, director of Yaoi Press, announced at Anime Expo 2009 that Yaoi Press will be producing Yaoi Prose starting in 2010. I was excited to learn about Yaoi Prose, which will offer illustrated ebooks for download, at the Saturday Yaoi Press panel, where we also saw Winter Demon cosplayers and liveaction yaoi (wheee!).

Yaoi Prose‘s debut is part 1 of Incubus Master, available now for free when you buy anything from EverythingYaoi.com.