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Sexy Dresses

There are more than 620 pages of Sexy Dresses for your viewing (and buying!) pleasure ranging in price from $18.95 to more than $300 over at body body, where you “clothe the soul”. You can look at all 620+ pages at once, or check out the dresses and clubwear in sets of 28 at a time. ‘body body’ has both men’s wear and women’s clothing, so be sure to check out their selection. You can pay easily through PayPal and have the clothes shipped right to your door! Beware, though: some of the models are not safe for work. That is, some women models aren’t wearing tops or are otherwise scantily clad. Check out ‘body body’ in the privacy of your own home!

I especially like Red Hibiscus Pinup, Rapture, and Lucky Green Maxi (shown below).

Red Hibiscus Pinup Rapture Lucky Green Maxi

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I have a thing for eyes

Thoughts from the Barnes & Noble at Union Square this afternoon.

Take, for instance, the sun,
blind to all but its own brilliance.
Perhaps that is what has
become of me as well.

Die, Hope, die.
Let me live in peace.
Give me no more of your
I’ve had quite enough.
Die and let me go;
sleep for now.

Drip into your eyes this liquid and experience darkness.
Open your eyes and see nothing. Pull back the curtains
but the darkness reaches behind your eyes.