Daily Archives: Monday, 05 April 2010

Business phones


Phones.com is the internet’s number one website for cell phone reviews. It’s not only good for personal call phones, like my sister needed, but also for business phones. I worked for six months as an executive assistant for a high powered organization president who used her phone for everything and everywhere she went. Since I often had to troubleshoot her phone’s problems, it might’ve helped to know about Phones.com to learn more about hers in particular. I’ll be using Phones.com in the future for private and business ventures involving phones, and if you’re in the market for a phone, you should check it out, too.

Cell phones

Recently, my sister’s cell phone died and she needed a new one. I looked through the Verizon Wireless website (Verizon is my family’s carrier) and eventually came up with decent phone that she wouldn’t break. (She’s pretty hard on her phones and we had to have something that was “ruggedized” so that it wouldn’t break in the first ten minutes she had it.) It would’ve been nice to know about Phones.com, where you can learn about Nokia E71s and other cell phones for personal use.