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Earth Day 2010

Earth Day 2010

I’m celebrating Earth Day this year by doing homework and preparing for a meeting I have tomorrow with my poetry professor. And probably not showering, ostensibly to save water, but really just because I’m lazy and this is an excuse not to shower. (Hah—as if I really need an excuse for that.) That is, I’m not really celebrating. To those of you who care about the Earth, consider making changes everyday to make that obvious, instead of just signing up for an event or campaign worth one day of your time.

I care about the Earth because without it, there would be no life, even in the most basic sense of the word (assuming, of course, that there’s no life anywhere else in the universe, which, personally, I find unlikely just for the sheer size of the universe and possibilities it contains). That said, I don’t think we’re giving the Earth enough credit. We’re ruining what we know of it, sure, but it bounces back pretty easily when we leave it alone. That is, if we were wiped off the face of the planet, it wouldn’t be the planet crying huge tears of sorrow for our loss. It would be whatever was left of us.

I had a friend in college who couldn’t wait for the (Zombie) Apocalypse so that he could go out and use his KA-BAR and the skills he learned tying knots with ropes (or whatever) in Boy Scouts as an Eagle Scout. Seriously, he was chomping at the bit for the world as we know it to end so he could go out into wilderness and “live off the land”… (I sure can pick ’em, right?) My question was, “Why don’t you just do that now, if you’re so raring to go?” Anyway, that hasn’t happened as yet, and he now works for Stantec as a “Geologic Project Specialist” (whatever the hell that is). Earth Day 2010(As a side note, he and I are no longer friends after an altercation in December 2006—though we are still Facebook friends, which shows you how lax my idea of a “Facebook friend” is. Anyway, I’ll write about that some other time.)

Later, another friend’s father said something that’s stuck with me. The man said something like (I’m quoting from memory, here, so it’s not exact), “We don’t give people enough credit, either. If the world ended, most people would die—including me, probably. But the people who were left would stick it out until the very last. Humans are nothing if not survivors when they’re faced with the worst of times.” I agree with that. I probably wouldn’t survive, either, as I have no real (Zombie) plan should the world come to an end, and I live in a highly populated area, so I’m more likely to be bombed or catch the disease immediately and die before the struggle really even begins. I’m okay with that (unless the dying takes a long time and is painful because I’m a wimp—just shoot me and be done with it, you know?).

I believe the Earth would do just fine without us, and if we screw it up so bad that we can’t even live here without mutating, then it’s our own damn fault. Still, if we grow extra limbs of something because we screwed up the Earth and don’t die off because of our mutations, then we’ll probably be just fine, too. At least, what’s left of us.