Daily Archives: Thursday, 20 May 2010


For the past couple of days, I’ve been reading about living in Japan from an American who’s visiting there for two months a couple of weeks a while and it got me thinking. I generally considered my apartment in New York to be small because I grew up in Southern Cali and was used to single family homes, but it (the apartment) was not small by New York City standards. (It was about average.) Anyway, thinking about the space I’ve become accustomed to living in got me thinking about other things I’m used to.

Like interior decorations and floors. Seriously. I know that sounds somewhat not-all-there, but just bear with me a minute. When I was growing up in SoCal, both of the houses my family lived in (one after the other, not at the same time) had carpeting covering most of the floors. When I lived in New York, my floors were linoleum. And that was normal. I had no rugs or other covering except what was already there. I don’t think any of the apartments I looked at during my search for housing had anything but tile and/or linoleum. (Actually, that’s not true: one place I lived for a short time had carpeting in every room except the kitchen.) Thinking back on it now, I think that I could’ve benefited from some kind of rug or rug-equivalent. Like oriental rugs, for example.

Upon returning to live at my parents’ place in SoCal after losing my job in New York (yeah, it sucked big time), I discovered that they had ripped up the carpet from the stairs to the second floor. We have hardwood floors underneath most of our carpets, so the stairs themselves were fine. Or so I thought, until I fell down them one afternoon while I was carrying a bunch of stuff and not able to hold the handrail. Luckily, the stuff I was carrying wasn’t worth much and I didn’t break any bones (though for a minute or two, I thought I had), but I’m now the biggest advocate of rugs that I know of. That is, I need something that creates friction between my feet and the floor so that I don’t slip and fall every time I go down the stairs. Seriously, is it that hard?