CANAAN, ep.5

OMG I haven’t written anything about CANAAN (wiki) in more than three months. That’ll teach me to try episodic blogging in the future, right? Ugh. (For a refresher course, check out episodes one, two, three, and four before reading this post.) I’m going to try to get through the rest of CANAAN, and get these recaps up (or at least written, regardless of when I post them) within the week since I’m starting a creative writing class next Monday and don’t want this to be hanging over my head. (Not like I’ve really put much effort into finishing before now. Ugh again.)

Part of the problem is that I (1) watch the episode, (2) rewatch the episode and pause to screencap good scenes, (3) pick out the good screencaps and cut them to size, (4) upload the screencaps to Flickr, (5) write the entry about the episode and include said screencaps at appropriate moments, and—somewhere in there—(6) have to include my thoughts on the episode, since I’m not just summarizing.

ANYWAY, on to episode five.

The starts with Canaan having flashbacks of her fight with Alphard. It’s apparent she doesn’t like revisiting that night (the night before?) because she stumbles to her knees and throws up on the ground. Over at the Hebi organization, Alphard is trying to get someone in a bunch of people to go a mission for her…

Maria and Yun Yun
Maria and Yun Yun in the latter’s hut/boat/house thing.

Okay, let me just say something here before I go on. After watching the fifth episode, I still don’t know whether I like this show or not. It’s not bad, but… eh, it hasn’t really caught my interest, either, obviously. Since there’s only 13 episodes, it wouldn’t be too much of a waste of time to just finish watching it. But really, life is short, you know? I mean, if my putting off watching the fifth episode for three months doesn’t say something about how (not) enthused I am about this series, I don’t know what will.

Therefore, I’ve (finally) decided to just drop this series outright. Maybe I chose a poor series to try episodic blogging on, I don’t know. Maybe if I’d just watched it and not worried about the posts, I might like it better. But as it is right now, it’s just boring. I’m wasting my time and yours to try to marathon through it with posts. I don’t even think I’ll finish watching it, much less posting about it.

Oh, and also… I like me some yuri, but if it’s not really yuri, it’s just a tease… and nobody likes a tease that just keeps teasing. I mean, seriously. Is it too much to ask for Canaan and Maria to be snuggly even just once? It’s obvious they care for each other.

Kudos to the creators and those people who actually do like CANAAN, but I’m not one of them. Sorry guys. On this one, I’m out.

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