The Past Week via Twitter: 2010-09-05

  • today (Sun): edit Mom's paper, work, cont. reading 'Immanuel's Veins', review 'Penny Arcade: The Series' s.1, read penpal letter & return #
  • Deleting all the numbers I never call from my cell phone is a mixed bag. #
  • finished editing Mom's paper. work is next, and my sister (who is driving me) is making me go early so she's not late for a meeting. #
  • which means I'm going to be at work for almost nine hours tonight. uuuuugh. T_T #
  • @Zekor yeah, you should probably just let them go. the person may not even have that same number anymore. in reply to Zekor #
  • I'm going to knock off work and 'Immanuel's Veins' at work today (reading during my lunch breaks), so that leaves for today… #
  • TO DO after work: review 'Penny Arcade: The Series' s.1, read penpal letter & return #
  • the "after work" thing? totally not happening. #
  • Just finished 'Immanuel's Veins'… have to mull it over some before I put my thoughts on paper (or on the computer, as it were). #
  • *checking review requirements* holy shit. I only have 250 words to write about this book? and 100 have to be summary? yeah, right. #writing #
  • Can you say, "Back to school"? #
  • heading to Concert Singers to audition with my sister tonight. she's sitting @ the piano singing scales right now. makes me feel… lacking. #
  • Bunny (my sister) & I both got into Concert Singers. director said we are both weak sight readers, which is something at least I agree w/. #
  • got off work at 8 PM tonight. going back at 8 AM tomorrow morning. am I thrilled about this? no, no I am not. #
  • @Dredgly if you do, I wanna see! also, I think I should be able to call you tomorrow afternoon PT. like… 8 or 8:30 your time? in reply to Dredgly #
  • 10 things on my to do list, so I'm not writing it here. the break down: 4 reviews, 3 phone calls to make, 2 letters to write, 1 reminder. #
  • okay, for the last time, people… leggings are NOT pants. WEAR SOMETHING OVER THE LEGGINGS, dammit! #
  • uuuuuugh. going to lay down. lie down? whatever. be horizontal for a while. #
  • finished my review of 'Immanuel's Veins'… will be posting on Sept 13 so look for it! I'm giving away a free t-shirt to a lucky commenter! #
  • did some stuff, so now it's down to: 3 reviews, 2 phone calls, 1 letter to write, 1 reminder. #
  • omg tiiiiiired. #
  • also, I have work at SIX A.M. on Monday. T_T /cry #
  • I'm heading down to San Diego with my family for the night and most of tomorrow and will be leaving my computer here. #
  • Let's see how much I can get done without the joys of the internet, shall we? 2 reviews at least, hmmm? #
  • we'll see… >_> #anime #writing #
  • I'm in San Diego with my family using my sister's computer to tweeeeet. (She'd have a fit if she knew I was using Twitter on her computer!) #
  • that's all for tonight, folks! more tomorrow evening when I'm back in LC. #
  • home from San Diego. got almost nothing done in the way of real work because I forgot I have to actually socialize at a social gathering. #
  • yeah, the credits thing for my classes is stressing me out. #

“Toy Story 3” review

My family and I just got back from Toy Story 3 (wiki). It’s the third (and final, I assume) installment in the Toy Story franchise, which began in 1995 with the original Toy Story and continued in 1999 with Toy Story 2.Toy Story 3 poster

I liked this new one. It was heartwarming and while I don’t think I’d go so far as to put it on my list of all time favorite movies, I will agree that “For me the happy ending that they settled on actually was the most painful of all, because I am such a keeper of stuff, and I do have toys still from when I was little because they mean things to me. Andy’s flinch when the little girl reached for Woody, it hurt because it was perfect, because YES, Pixar GETS IT.” I agree with that 100000%. So bittersweet and I’ll admit I cried during parts of it. I’m a sucker for pulling the heartstrings. I’ll watch it again, probably, but not anytime soon. I can take only so much heartache at a time—you know?—even when it’s all good and happy at the end.

It’s a kid movie, but it’s a kid movie about growing up. Indeed, the people who were kids when the first Toy Story came out—namely: my generation and me—are all grown up and may even have kids of our own. Toy Story 3 taught the importance of family—sticking together, even under the harshest circumstances—and that family is what you make it. Those toys weren’t family in the traditional sense; they weren’t related by blood (if that’s even possible for toys, anyway), but they knew what was important. That’s how I feel about my waterbrothers.

Thankfully, Toy Story 3 passes the Bechdel Test. There are multiple female characters: Jessie, Barbie, and Mrs. Potato Head, who are dolls; and Andy’s mom, Bonnie, and Bonnie’s mom, who are all human… among others. The humans talk to each other, but they only talk about Andy, so it doesn’t pass on that count. However, there is one part where Jessie and Mrs. Potato Head comfort Barbie about being abandoned by Molly (Andy’s little sister). Still, that “conversation” is less than a minute long, so take that as you will.