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The Past Week via Twitter: 2010-09-19

  • tomorrow (Sun.) I have some real work to do. #
  • I'm not going to play Pull Tabs, Scratch & Win, or Slots on #facebook anymore. total waaaaaaaste of my time. #
  • I just spent a minute in a test tube with David Suzuki. If you've got a minute you should too. http://testtube.nfb.ca #
  • home from work (I opened today for the first time! uuugh to early mornings). class this afternoon, then a different class tonight. #
  • @sixpickledfish technically speaking, you're only gay if you like boys. you know, *that way*… in reply to sixpickledfish #
  • yeah, so. today has not been a good day. #
  • I'M GIVING AWAY A FREE SHIRT. seriously. clicky the linky: http://bit.ly/immanuelsveins please RT #
  • who doesn't like free stuff? http://bit.ly/immanuelsveins I'm giving away a free t-shirt; click and comment for a chance to win! (please RT) #
  • See 15″ MacBook Pro laptop w/matte screen selling in Bay Area in odd circumstances? Contact @maymaym. Was stolen: http://ur1.ca/1mqz0 Pls RT #
  • home from Edison in downtown L.A. have to say, it was pretty neat all around, though very loud and expensive (but what uppity club isn't?) #
  • I haven't knocked anything off my to do list in almost a week and it's only grown longer. uuuuugh. #
  • I have to figure out a ride for #Pagan Pride Day this year (Sept. 26). I'm *pretty* sure I already have the day off work… >_> #PPD #
  • Don't forget to the check the free shirt post: http://bit.ly/immanuelsveins I'm picking a winner on Sept. 22–next Wednesday. (please RT!) #
  • @postsecret though I've never been sick like that & I'm not a nurse, thank you for sharing the #PostSecret about the Grand Canyon today. #
  • YES! This: RT @yaoipress "'Why Women Like Yaoi' http://bit.ly/dbduCl my blog w/ theory referenced http://bit.ly/bqK8bt" #
  • sadly, my Twidget dashboard app doesn't work anymore for some reason… thoughts? #
  • would you volunteer for Hell? http://www.oldways.com/blog/2010/100827.html #

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2010

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2010

… is today! Arrrrrrrrr… Gather ’round, me mateys fer a good ol’ tale of the high seas!

::coughcoughcough:: Sorry, guys: there’s no way I can write this entire post in pirate-ese. It’s just not happening. BUT, I have great respect for those who choose to Talk Like a Pirate today, 19 September 2010.

I read about it and almost thought I’d missed it, but no! Harharhar, today be Talk Like a Pirate Day, not yesterday. So, all ye lads and lasses: go out and talk like pirates! (And let me know you did it in a comment here!)