12 Moments in Anime 2010

Welcome to another edition of 12 Moments in Anime! (See here and here.) As with last year, most blogs have produced posts for the twelve days leading up to Christmas (which, technically speaking, is incorrect). And, as with last year, I’m going to start my 12 Moments on Christmas Day.

And, same as last year, I’ll be sticking this post to the top of the journal until January 6th, after which I’ll send it back to it’s original spot. Now, in no particular order, I give you…

Twelve Moments in Anime 2010
12. December 25: anime blogs I read
11. December 26: trying new things and letting things go
10. December 27: Tales from Earthsea
09. December 28: Kuroshitsuji II
08. December 29: the epic ending of Gurren Lagann at Anime Expo this year
07. December 30: anime-inspired webcomics I read
06. December 31: over-the-top fanservice
05. January 01: Yaoi-Con recap, part 1
04. January 02: Yaoi-Con recap, part 2
03. January 03: Chrno and Aion
02. January 04: Reasoner Sara Werec
01. January 05: realizing that I didn’t see any of 2010’s top five anime series or movies

Viannah E. Duncan

Viannah E. Duncan is a writer and activist hailing originally from Los Angeles. She lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She has a cat, Cleo.

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