Valentine’s Day gift giving

Since the beginning of February, I’ve been looking at valentines roses online to give my parents and friends on St. Valentine’s Day. Roses are usually a romantic thing, but I usually give my parents a couple dozen yellow roses (in honor of the Rose of Texas) and my friends some combination of red, yellow, and white roses. I like other types of flowers, too, but St. Valentine’s Day seems to have dibs on the rose market, and really, who doesn’t like getting flowers, no matter the kind or the occasion? (Well, receiving flowers in sympathy or with condolences might not be the greatest, but at least you know the person who sent the flowers cares, right?)

Anyway, I like roses, and I like giving them to close friends when the opportunity arises, and what better day than St. Valentine’s Day? I especially like the two dozen multicolored roses pictured here (click picture for information to buy). While scanning the website, I also used their live chat feature, which I found to be very helpful. I was looking for a dozen roses: four red, four yellow, and four white. While speaking with Tearesa, one of the customer service representatives, I learned that custom orders can be placed by purchasing a similar florist-designed and delivered bouquet (she suggested the Rose Elegance™ premium long stem assorted roses for me) and then chatting with a representative on the website or by phone and having them put a notation in the order for specific rose color(s).

If you’re thinking about roses or other flowers for your sweetie for St. Valentine’s Day, be sure to place an order soon!

DISCLAIMER: I was paid to write about in a positive light. However, the opinions I have expressed are my own.

Viannah E. Duncan

Viannah E. Duncan is a writer and activist hailing originally from Los Angeles. She lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She has a cat, Cleo.

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