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30-day Anime Challenge: 01

Day 01 – Very first anime

I think the first anime I watched that I realized was anime was Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon and Inner Senshi

but the even before that I stayed up really late one night in… late elementary school, I think?… and stealth-watched the first part of Iria on SciFi network.

Iria's title character

Haha, that was so long ago; we still had cable back then and we haven’t had cable in like… 15 years or something.

30-day Anime Challenge: 00

Uh, it’s not really a challenge so much as a survey. A challenge would be more like, “watch 30 anime series in 30 days and blog about it” but… whatever, nevermind. This is going to have to do for now. (via)

NOTE: I’m adding all the links now so I don’t have to go back and do it, but they will not be active until their respective days in the challenge. If you want to just read all of them at once, bookmark this entry and come back at the end of the month.

ALSO NOTE: I will be sticking this post to the top of the main page for the duration of May 2011. After that, I’ll send it back to its rightful place. If, during May, you would like to see something other than this survey (assuming I post anything else, lol), please scroll down.

Day 01 – Very first anime
Day 02 – Favorite anime You’ve watched so far
Day 03 – Your anime crush
Day 04 – Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed
Day 05 – Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)
Day 06 – Most annoying anime character
Day 07 – Favorite anime couple
Day 08 – Most epic scene ever
Day 09 – Saddest anime scene
Day 10 – Favorite slice of life anime
Day 11 – Favorite mech series
Day 12 – An ecchi picture from your favorite series
Day 13 – Cosplay of your ‘waifu’ or ‘husbando’
Day 14 – current (or most recent) anime wallpaper
Day 15 – Post a cute Neko-girl
Day 16 – post a kigurumi cosplay of your favorite anime character
Day 17 – Favorite tsundere
Day 18 – Something moe
Day 19 – Mandatory swimsuit post
Day 20 – Favorite shoujo anime
Day 21 – Best yandere character
Day 22 – Favorite boy’s love couple (or yuri couple, if you don’t like yaoi)
Day 23 – Anime you think had the best, or most intriguing art
Day 24 – Favorite anime hero or heroine
Day 25 – Best anime villain
Day 26 – Your favorite harem anime
Day 27 – Favorite anime opening theme song
Day 28 – Favorite pokemon
Day 29 – Favorite school uniform
Day 30 – Favorite anime ending theme

Day 31 – Most pointless anime
Day 32 – Favorite Seiyuu
Day 33 – Favorite one-liner / quote from an anime
Day 34 – Favorite anime involving guns
Day 35 – Favorite mahou anime