AX 2011: the Loot

[Note: this post is part of a multiple-post recap and review about Anime Expo 2011.]

I thought about splitting up my Anime Expo 2011 convention coverage into days (as I started to do with Day 0) but decided against it because I think more thematically than chronologically. So, here’s the first part: the loot I brought home! I will link back to the artists/companies if I have that information. I decided this year, based on Yager‘s years-and-years-old advice, to only buy things that I can’t readily find online. I realize many of the Artist Alley finds I could get online, but it’d take a lot of work—more work than, say, just picking up the Junjou Romantica boxset (which I considered), which I could easily get from

So, first: pictures! Then, under the pictures: a list and brief description of what’s in each picture. (Click for larger.)

Loot, part 2

In the upper left hand corner, cat ears from Yaya Han. I didn’t actually see Ms. Han at the convention (she was in and out of her booth a lot, I heard), but the woman who sold me these cat ears was the only person at the entire convention who recognized my Preventer jacket from Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. That by itself was worth the price I paid.

The five small buttons directly below the cat ears, are characters—as plushies, on buttons!—from Final Fantasy, in no particular order: Sephiroth, Cloud, Vincent, White Mage, and Black Mage. The plushies are made by Hooked on Chibis! (also on blogspot). I couldn’t afford any (more than $20 a pop!) but I did buy these little buttons for my sister because she’s actually played some of the Final Fantasy games. If I see these guys again, I’m laying down the cash for a Spock doll for my dad, no question.

To the right of the cat ears, three postcards and the first two chapters of “Samurai Genji” by Geoff Trebs. Geoff was at his own booth; he’s actually worked in the game industry drawing character design, etc., but “Samurai Genji” is his true love, he said. Well, he might’ve said “pet project” and not “true love”, but it was clear he was a lot more excited about it than talking about his work in the industry. Just sayin’.

To the right of “Samurai Genji”, yes that is the goddamn Batman riding a unicorn and overlooking a couple jumping dolphins. I believe it’s a reference to the game Robot Unicorn Attack. I don’t remember the name of the artist, but the image was printed on that material that’s for wiping glasses, so it’s my new favorite thing ever. Totally worth the $6.

Underneath Batman-on-a-unicorn, a smallish black tote bag which reads “Team Zero” on it in white. The “team” part references the “battle” over Bella’s heart between in Edward and Jacob the Twilight series. (Ugh; don’t even get me started; seriously.) Zero is a character from the manga/anime Vampire Knight. The symbol on the bag is his neck tattoo. (The two small buttons also came with the purchase; they’re fanart of Zero and Kaname.)

In the upper right hand corner is the case for ViolinistBAKA‘s four-piece CD of anime music violin covers. Pretty good, if I do say so myself. You can also find her on

Directly below the CD is a copy of Steal Moon 2. I read it (illegally?—not sure) online and decided that I really should put my money where my interests are. As a writer myself, I’d like someone to do the same for me, after all, so I’ve been collecting licensed copies of the manga I like.

Directly below Steal Moon 2, (right to left) a fanart postcard that my sister got for me of Rainbow Brite signed on the back by the artist and two bookmarks by Amanda Coronado (not the artist of the Rainbow Brite postcard). The Japanese on the pinkish one says “fox”.

To the left of the bookmarks, a copy of Viewfinder 3. Same deal as Steal Moon 2.

Right below Viewfinder 3, a cameo pendant by Robert Quill. He tossed in the tiny gold jewelry bag (upon which the cameo is sitting) for free. I managed to avoid picking up a (ridiculously overpriced) sketch of his, his charm and manner notwithstanding. I could go on and on about this guy, I’m sure, but I’m not really so inclined, so next time you’re around my sister (she met him, too, and she did commission a ridiculously overpriced sketch), let her tell you all about him.

To the left of Viewfinder 3 and the cameo pendant, two prints of characters from BLEACH. Ichigo (top) and Rukia. I went straight out and got frames for these two because, really, can you say “AWESOME!”? (I only framed a couple three of the prints I bought, including these two, so… yay for FanArtist. Maybe I’ll upload another picture of the framed pieces separately later.)

To the left of Ichigo, three smiley-face onigiri plushies by Sorbet Jungle! The one on top is probably still worried that he might be eaten hahaha.

Just below the onigiri is three packs of free tissues I picked up after one of the panels. Just to the left of them is a keychain I got for my brother of Gurren Lagann‘s Boota.

Right above Boota is an original drawn image by Albert Tandoc of Sakuya Izayoi from the shooting/fighting series of games called the Touhou Project. This piece was my first Expo purchase ($10) and I offered to just buy a copy of it, but it turned out he didn’t have any copies, so… yay original for me. It probably needs a frame, too, but it’s not a standard size (that I can tell), so I need to figure out something for that.

In the lower left hand corner and right above it are two fan pieces of Gundam Wing characters. In the top one: Duo, Trowa, Heero (center), Wufei, and Quatre. In the corner one: Duo. I searched and searched for GW stuff, but it’s sadly seriously lacking. (The anime is apparently old enough now that many/most average fans have never heard of it. Or they say, “Gundam? Like Gundam Unicorn?” [Gundam UC is the most recent Gundam series to be licensed in the USA.] -_- Ugh, no not really like Unicorn, okay?)

Across the very bottom is a Yetiboy bandana from Yetis & Friends. I got it for my brother because, honestly, who doesn’t want some yeti horns? The guys at the booth were super nice and tried to get me to buy a Yeti head wall mount and I was kind of like… “Hahaha, no.” Sorry, better luck next time!

Loot, part 3

At the top left, the first two chapters of the very-much-over-18 Teahouse comic, and directly below chapter two (far left), a couple postcards that I probably can’t send to random people via Postcrossing. The comic is in full, glorious color and is most definitely not safe for work. Hehehehe.

In the upper right hand corner, “Endless Love: Duo x Heero”… a straight up doujin—completely in Japanese, of course /cry—of my ultimate OTP, 01×02 from Gundam Wing. I can’t read it, but I can look at the pretty pictures, right? Reason #5734912 to learn Japanese, seriously.

Below the doujin is the first two chapters of “The Piper’s Promise” by Sammi G. I bought them both without having any idea what they were about, so when Sammi asked me if I’d like her to draw my favorite characters, I asked her to please draw her favorites. ^_^;;; nice save, me. Anyway, I stood there and we chatted for a little bit and she mentioned she’d looking for a BL writer for her next comic and I was like, “Whaaaaaa? *_*” Also, the comic is good; already looking forward to chapter three!

The bottom row is a set of four note cards depicting chibi-girls each representing one of the four seasons. They came with evelopes and everything! I really wish I’d kept better track of where in the Artist Alley I got these, but I don’t remember anymore, sadly. Also, I didn’t think about putting them in any order to speak of (hahaha), so they are, from left to right: Autumn, Winter, Summer, Spring.

Loot, part 1

In the upper left hand corner is the flyer from one of the panels in the Anime & Manga Studies Symposium (more on that in my panels post) advertising We Make Manga. To its right is a sticker I got from DMP/June from Yellow 2, a yaoi manga that I already own. To the right of the sticker is my 4-day con badge. ^_^ Yay.

Below the We Make Manga flyer is the convention schedule and layout; to the right of that (and underneath it) is a shirt from niconico that I got in the goody bag when I picked up my badge.

Underneath the shirt’s logo is a deck of Magic: The Gathering cards that was also in the goody bag. I barely had the damn stuff in my hands on Day 0 when some idiot kid came up to me and asked if I wanted my Magic deck. I was… kind of not happy about that, since I didn’t even know what was in the goody bag yet at that point. Needless to say, he didn’t get my deck.

The poster at the top (a little right of center) is for the MMORPG and French-language anime Wakfu.

In the upper right is an ocarina (yes, a real ocarina that someone could actually play!) and a playbook that includes some of Legend of Zelda‘s music. To the right: a couple of advertisement bookmarks; below: a pamphlet on where to purchase cosplay wigs and how to care for them.

In the lower right hand corner is an official Gundam folder (that’s not the right word, but it’s not a flyer or a pamphlet, either, so…) created especially for attendees of the Sunrise/Bandai offical Gundam panel. It includes a timeline for the entire Gundam franchise, from the original to the forthcoming AGE (more about this in my post about the panels I attended).

In the bottom left hand corner is a mostly-covered-up poster of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters as human Sailor Senshi. You can see Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and a part of Pinkie Pie. Other characters (that are covered in this image) are: Rarity, Fluttershy, and Princess Celestia and her littler sister, Luna (aka Nightmare Moon)—and no, that name isn’t lost on me. Oh, also Spike the baby dragon as… a cat. Hahahaha. The poster is by Sandra Chiem and you can find the full image on her deviantart.

Finally, in the lower center is the the fanart that absolutely takes the cake (saved the best for last, and all that). It’s my favorite purchase of the con by far, and I’ve even managed to have it framed so I can hang it next to my desk because I’m a total fangirl. It’s Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing, and they’re not just sitting there, either. They’re about to shoot you. Hehehehehehe. /evil fangirl cackle… The woman who sold me this piece wasn’t the artist, the artist didn’t have a card, and the woman who sold it to me didn’t even know the characters, so… /cry Maybe I can find her again next year.

It occurs to me only after the fact that I probably should’ve taken these photos somewhere besides my dark blue carpet because the images are so dark! I’m sorry about that, so if you’d like a better look at something that you can’t quite see, let me know and I’ll upload it special and send you a link. Hopefully the next parts of this review/recap won’t be so time-intensive for me to write or so link-heavy. Sorry about that, but I wanted to give as much credit as I could where credit is due, you know?

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