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The Past Week via Twitter: 2011-08-21

  • Relieved the wedding is over ^_^;; …Have a great honeymoon, you guys. #
  • watching @that_darn_kat sketching was really cool today. ^_^ we did some great brainstorming for a BL comic coming next year. Awesome! #
  • My followers live in the U.S. (57.4%), Panama (18.4%) & Australia (3.2%) [top 3]. From http://t.co/tbgfx2H (Hi, Panama! Who are you guys?) #
  • @zekor yeah, I don't know. #
  • almost done w/ writing the reviews that are due this week. #
  • still left this month: Mugabe, Good Neighbors, Princess Tutu, Pocahontas, Sky Crawlers, LDS, #Anime Expo, @hippocampusmag, @StanleyTheWhale #
  • "Mugabe" due on Thurs, @hippocampusmag on Sat, "Good Neighbors" on Sept. 1… the others just need to be done before month's end. #
  • (the sooner the better, of course) #
  • also, it turns out Twitter isn't that great for "to do" lists: not enough space for everything I have to do! just sayin'… #
  • getting ready for my Grandma to arrive. she's moving in this week! flying in tonight & all her stuff is coming w/ my dad tomorrow or Thurs. #
  • @Dredgly haha yeah accidentally insulting recovering alcoholics is way awkward. Felt like I should've paid for that guy's meal or something. #
  • @corybrin whaaaaa I liked Rain, too! I was wondering why I hadn't seen Snapple Elements around recently. haha I'm outta the loop, obviously. #
  • @that_darn_kat you want your watercolors to dry FASTER? isn't it usually the opposite? #
  • "What does your Web look like? See my Webify Me collage & create your own" http://t.co/dm44kEG I… guess it's cute? not quite me, though. #
  • @that_darn_kat whaaaaaat? how did that happen? T_T #
  • so, I miiiiiight actually get everything on my to-do list for today actually done today…? it could happen. I have 2.5 hours. can I do it? #