In case you ever wondered

Dear children,

This is what happens when you aim for someone’s head and hit a fucking doorjamb. I do not recommend it, and many of the customers at work now think I’m a miscreant. I guess I am, sometimes.

Knuckles on 2011 August 07, picture 1
Photo taken a couple days after it went down.

It took me two swings to figure out the guy’s moves, and I didn’t miss after that. So, two good solid punches… one with each fist… right into a doorjamb… this it what that looks like.

Knuckles on 2011 August 07, picture 2
I’m just a doll, aren’t I?

The (off duty) EMT who looked my hands over afterward told me it was a miracle I hadn’t broken them. My knuckles sting every time I move my fingers or wash my hands and everything up to my shoulders is sore as hell.

Don’t try this at home,

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