AX 2011: the Rundown

This is the main page, so to speak, for all my Anime Expo 2011 posts. I tend to be lackluster in writing up what I think about (and even just recaps of) the events I attended and cool things I saw, but my goal this year was to finish all this before attending Yaoi-Con, which is this weekend! I… have succeeded!

So, without further introduction, here is my multiple-post Anime Expo 2011 recap and review.

Dated: July
AX 2011: Day 0
AX 2011: the Loot

Dated: August
AX 2011: the Video Rooms
Video Rooms at Anime Expo 2011, over at Otaku Project

Dated: October (about time!)
AX 2011: the Panels
AX 2011: Anime & Manga Studies Symposium
AX 2011: the People!

More photos of the convention on flickr

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