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The Past Week via Twitter: 2011-11-20

  • @Nate_TheMan_ haha whaaat. also, is the film going to be in a theater around here? I'd like to recommend people see it. #
  • I like how I attend a #poetry reading and get to chatting with another attendee… (cont.) #
  • … and the first thing she says when she learns I lived in New York is: "Did you meet a nice boy there?" Really? REALLY? #poetry #
  • look, I realize part of the story hinges on stealth & whatnot, but really: why do Camelot's guards have to be such crappy guardsmen? #Merlin #
  • also, does this guy just… never wear a shirt? #Merlin season 4, episode 7 #
  • @wldwmn64 /laugh yes, really. there was 1 character who never wore a shirt the entire episode. not like Camelot is tropical, either. #Merlin #
  • @sammiguidera sheesh, lady; you weren't kidding about Guilty Crown being super shiny and possibly too difficult to resist. >_> #anime #
  • @LANoWriMo and everyone: the #LaCanada write-in is right now! come by and pound out some plot! #
  • yes! just hit the 25000 word count mark for #NaNoWriMo @LANoWriMo @NaNoWriMo @NaNoWordSprints take that, writer's block! #writing #
  • I truly cannot fathom why anyone on Earth would find this idea appealing enough to actually put it into practice. http://t.co/B1h7iY8v #
  • Thurs to do: get as close to 30000 words as I can #NaNoWriMo & read almost my entire psychology textbook. that's it. short list, tall order. #
  • @Claudebaby thank you. exactly. #
  • I like how the trending topic "Women Who Dont Cook" actually says more about men than it does women. So pathetic. #
  • so there was this commercial, and I was like, "That sounds like Metal Gear Solid" and then it WAS Metal Gear Solid and I was like *facepalm* #
  • and also, yes, I am a lady who's played Metal Gear Solid. >_> apparently there aren't a lot of us around. sad day, if that's really true. #
  • @Zekor haha, I know, right? I didn't even realize I'd recognize it, but apparently I've played it enough. lol. #
  • @Zekor I think I can count on one hand all the video games I've ever seriously played… haha ^_^;; that just happens to be one of 'em. #
  • @Zekor makes me want to play some Metal Gear now, though. T_T #
  • @Zekor what? I don't have a console, so… Damn, I think the last time I played that I was in high school. I'd look like a fool now, anyway. #
  • @Zekor or Skyrim! T__________T I actually care about that one… /cries well, the new Zelda, too, I guess, but nothing will ever beat #OoT #
  • actually, I'm an avowed vampire fan–seriously–and Twilight is the first series that has made me root for werewolves over vamps–no joke. #
  • GODSDAMNIT I AM SERIOUSLY GOING TO READ THIS HOMEWORK NOW FOR REALS. uuugh test in the morning haven't read any of the material kill me now. #
  • the comphrensive 2007 survey that shows that more than 70% of teenagers have "used" alcohol "for non-medical purposes" is making me cry. #
  • in fact, this entire chapter on alcohol, drinking in college, and all the shitty things that can happen while drunk is seriously depressing. #
  • @donnatalarico oh no! well, maybe it's better than…? I can't express… well, here: I'm thinking of you fondly. sorry that I'm so awkward. #
  • @yaoipress I think PWP has a place, but only in fanfiction (where the romance/plot is already established)… #
  • @yaoipress in original fiction, PWP doesn't do it for me. #
  • @veduncan's TwBirthday is on 17 March 2009, godfather is @Zekor, certificate at http://t.co/ygsChj5Z via @TwBirthday hahaha, there you go, B #
  • @smp5000 hey! I know you. well, my sister knows you, anyway ^_^ #



This is, somehow, my 2222nd published post. Since December 2001, I’ve actually published more entries than this landmark shows because this past August I deleted a bunch of my old posts up through about June 2006. (Hahaha, bet you hadn’t noticed that.)

This month, my family and I celebrated International Pocky Day (11/11/11), so named because it’s possible to use Pocky to write out the entire date!

Now, it’s my 2222nd journal entry here at duncan heights.

I’m waiting for something with 3333 in it. If that happens in the next month or so, I’ll have to add an extra sprig of holly and ivy to my altar to Athena. She’s been on my mind a lot recently, and I think it might be because She wants me to either (1) get my act together for once in my life, or (2) just let my life finish falling apart so she can help me pick up the pieces.

We’ll see.

Here’s to 2222 more entries!