12 Moments 11: #06

This entry is part of 12 Moments in Anime 2011.

#06 is my holiday card this year. I haven’t actually sent out my holiday to most of the people who requested it (I’ll get right on that, guys; sorry hahaha) but in any case, my holiday card is anime themed! Here’s the image. The inside reads

The longest night
brings the return of light.

BLEACH winter

left to right (surname first): Kurosaki Ichigo, Abarai Renji, Ichimaru Gin, Kuchiki Rukia, and Hitsugaya Toshiro.

Gotta give credit where credit is due. BLEACH is copyright Tite Kubo and the image is by Stephadri94, though I used it without permission from either party.

Yaoi-Con 2011

Yaoi-Con 2011 official poster

I attended Yaoi-Con this year at the waterfront Marriott in Burlingame, California (within 15 minutes driving distance of the San Francisco International Airport) this past weekend—21-23 October 2011. I had a good time and even made some new friends, maybe!

If you don’t know what yaoi is, read about it before you continue. Seriously. With that warning: here’s my recap.

General impressions—the basic overview
Thoughts from the video room & manga library
The loot I had to haul home!

Yaoi-Con 2011: the loot I had to haul home!

This post is part of my Yaoi-Con 2011 recap.

So, I had to haul home a bunch of stuff, and I only took a carry-on bag with me (like hell I’m paying $25+ for checking my luggage), and I just barely managed to get all my manga and cool shit in my bag and then carry it around with me all the way back home. Seriously, it weighed like fifty pounds. I’m not kidding: books are like bricks. By the end of the return trip, my arms were killing me. Here’s where I link everything so you can get some awesome for yourself, too, if you so desire. (Click images for larger.)

loot, part 1

Starting from the left side and going down, in columns:

Simoun, complete series. a lesbian mech anime… sort of? I think?
Let’s Draw Manga: Yaoi, by Botan Yamada. oh yes; yes, I did.
small Fullmetal Alchemist State Military watch replica on a long chain
Finder 5: Truth in the Viewfinder, by Ayano Yamane. got this at the DMP booth and then got home and realized I didn’t have #4! (I do now, though, so it’s all fine. ^_^)

Princess Princess, complete series. the anime is better than the liveaction version, trust me.
Loveless, complete series. a classic I told myself I would pay for next time I saw it legal and cheap, so here it is.
Yaoi Magazine, vol.1 issue 2 (April 2008). don’t know what happened, but I don’t think this mag is being printed anymore.
9th Sleep, by Makoto Tateno. as you’ll notice, I got a couple of manga by her, actually.

Ludwig II 2
, by You Higuri. picked up the first one last year at Yaoi-Con.
King of Debt, by Sanae Rokuya. a collection of stories; I’ve been told it… gets to the point, if you know what I mean.
Dost Thou Know?, by Satoru Ishihara. two sets of brothers… and loooove; how can I go wrong?
Little Butterfly omnibus, by Hinako Takanaga. read the entire thing at the last Yaoi-Con (2010) and figured I should pony up.

Blue Sheep Reverie 1
, by Makoto Tateno. no idea; I just liked the name.
Ooku 1, by Fumi Yoshinaga. interesting premise, so I had to get it.
A Foreign Love Affair, by Ayano Yamane. pretty sure she just writes the same story over and over, but it works, so…

loot, part 2

Looking at the top half first, from left to right:

Morgan Hawke‘s The Cheater’s Guide to Writing Erotic Romance & her (really!) short novel Security Issues.
two mini fanart stickers of Bunny (top) and Tiger from the anime Tiger & Bunny.

two badges from Scuttlebutt Ink, Kamina (“Hero”) from Gurren Lagann and Utena (“Duelist”) from Utena.

four Hetalia fanart postcards by Belligerent Design, featuring…
Germany: “Having the wurst time in Germany”
Britain: “England: You’ll come for the magic… you’ll stay for our huge clock”
America: “America… F*** YEAH!”
Prussia: “There’s nothing (but awesome) in Prussia. No, literally there’s nothing there.”

four games from Hanako Games: Date Warp (actually an interactive novel), Science Girls! (an RPG), Magical Diary: Horse Hall, and Cute Knight Kingdom. All four games are playable on both Macs and PCs, I supported a small game company by buying them, and I got a deal for all four, so I’m happy. (‘Cept, you know, I still haven’t actually played any of them yet. T_T)

The bottom half, from left to right:

a print of one of the characters in Inner Edge, by TACTO.
Close to you, an anthology. gotta love my story/comic collections.
Inner Edge and an Inner Edge doujinshi called Dreamless.

loot, part 3

In three rows, from left to right (beginning with top left):

a fanart poster of Heero Yuy (left) and Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing by Bing Lin. on the right, it reads “as time stands still…”
Always Raining Here 1, by Bell & Hazel.
an awesome print of recent violence by Lisa Cheng.

Lust for Freelance 1, by Madeleine Graham.
In These Words 5 by Guilt|Pleasure, plus two little G|P buttons.
Father Figure, also by Guilt|Pleasure. read it on the spot at Yaoi-Con—very good, if you don’t mind a little incest thrown in for good measure.
(see below for the comic to the right of Father Figure.)

two Sephiroth/Cloud (FFVII) fancomics, “Happy Birthday Sephiroth” and “Blonde Ambition: the Fitting Room” by owmyhearteries.
the first two volumes of Hondeydew Syndrome, by new shoe. looks promising, though I noticed already that the authors spelled “know” as no and no one caught it before the volumes were printed.
and lastly, “Flesh Games” and (above it) “Nice Guts” vol.0, by Agnes Czaja.

loot, part 4

The top row:

two novels, Sex Slave and Sacrifice, both by MomsDarkSecret. told her I was a writer, too, and she knocked $2 off the total price. us writers gotta stick together. ^_^
soap from RosaleenDhu Designs: Butler (a’la Kuroshitsuji), Descent Into Madness (Chthulu, anyone?), Yaoi (smells like lemons!), and Fruit Pi (oh, how punny).
a piece of rainbow cake and a piece of pumpkin pie on red strings, by Sugar Clay Cafe.
a beautiful Halloween-colors handsewn handbag. now to just figure out what to wear when I use it!
an “I <3 YAOI" bow tie. honest-to-gods, I’m not making that up. expensive, but it was truly the best purchase of my entire trip. not that I’ll ever wear it, but still.

In the center:

Starfighter Cain and Abel print by Hamletmachine! /squeeeeee… also got a preorder of chapter 2, so when it prints, they’ll ship it to me and I’ll just get a surprise in the mail one day!

To the left of center (and below):

the first three chapters of Scuttlebutt Ink’s Mahou Shonen Fight: “Magically Ill”, “Proper Motivation”, and “Ambiguous”…

Right of center (and below):

a votre sante, compiled by JM. interesting premise that I’d like to see continued with non-alcoholic drinks.
print of a beaten up Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing by sir-fish. the print reads “GUNDAM 02 DUO MAXWELL”

And that (finally!) concludes my Yaoi-Con 2011 write up! Yay. Have a great new year, guys.

12 Moments 11: #08

This entry is part of 12 Moments in Anime 2011.

#08 is Gundam Wing‘s (ANN) fanfiction numbering scheme because I’ve never seen anything quite like it in any other fandom.

So, each of the pilots have code numbers. The main character, Heero Yuy, is 01 (Zero-One). Here’s the rundown, before I explain further.

Numbered characters
Heero Yuy = 01
Duo Maxwell = 02
Trowa Barton = 03
Quatre Raberba Winner = 04
Chang Wufei = 05
Zechs Merquise* = 06
Lucrezia Noin = 09
Lady Une = 11
Treize Khushrenada = 13

* Zech Merquise is also known as Millardo Peacecraft.

Unnumbered characters
Relena Peacecraft = R
Hilde Schbeiker = H
Catherine Bloom = C
Dorothy Catalonia = D
Sally Po = S

There are, of course, other characters (even other important characters, actually), but I won’t be going into them here because I really just want to talk about the way the fandom has managed to create an entire code to describe in the headings the fiction that’s written for Gundam Wing.

For example, you’ll likely see something like this at the top of any piece of GW fiction you might read.

1×2, 3+C, 13x5x6

And yes, that actually means stuff. Let me translate… well, it’s more complicated than it at first seems, even if you can recognize the pairings.

First pairing: 1×2. That is, Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell have a romantic/sexual relationship.
Second pairing: 3+C. Trowa Barton and Catherine Bloom have a close friendship.
Third pairing: 13x5x6. Trieze Khushrenada, Chang Wufei, and Zechs Marquise all have a romantic/sexual relationship.

Here’s the thing, though. If it were just that, which is the more obvious part, then it wouldn’t matter in what order the numbers were written. Except, as you may have noticed, the order matters. When is comes to male/male pairings, the character who’s represented by the first number (for example, Trowa—pilot 03—in “3×4”) is the dominant personality in the relationship. He’s the “giving” partner, if you know what I mean, and the person represented by the second number (Quatre, pilot 04, in this case) is the “receiving” partner. In terms of this anime, I don’t really read het, but the pairings that I’ve seen that are het always assume that the woman is “receiving” partner… which, I guess, is technically true.

But wait, it gets more complicated. If there are three partners (ie: 13x5x6, as above), the most dominant partner is first (Treize, 13) and the second most dominant partner is last (Zechs, 06). The most submissive partner is in the middle (Wufei, 05). If there are more than three participants, however, all bets are off. (So if someone wrote “1x2x3x4x5” then it is what it looks like—an orgy—and there’s not really any sense of it to be made.)

But wait, there’s still more. What if you see something like “1x2x1”? If you go by the threesome thing, you might be really confused, but actually it’s just shorthand (you know, because all this code isn’t shorthand enough already) for “1×2/2×1” which means that both partners switch giving and receiving, so to speak.

And, in case you’re wondering, the most common yaoi pairings in Gundam Wing fanfiction are

13×6 and

while the most common het pairings in yaoi are

5xS and

And yes, I could go on and on, but I think that should be for another time. At least now you can decipher the numbering in the headings of GW fanfics. Go you.

My name is Eve… sometimes

My name is Eve.

My name is Eve. I believe in the right to privacy and in voluntary information disclosure, and that’s not a contradiction.

My name is Eve… sometimes. When I was young, my parents made clear to me that I had to use a fake name online so that I would be protected from predators. I chose the name Gabrielle, and it’s still one of my favorites. My online persona grew up with me, and eventually I took the name Eve, which is the name I most often use today.

And yet my parents (and others) are surprised when people call me Eve in real life (that is: not only online), and then tell me that my “real friends” would know my “real name” if they were truly friends. But do they not realize that some of my friends have never known me by any other name? To some people, my name is Eve, and that’s fine with me. I am Eve. I am Gabrielle, too.

Maymay’s name has been with him since he was nine. “Maymay” is just as much his real name as his legal name is. He writes, “Young people are routinely admonished for giving out personal information online, but the services they use increasingly demand that very data.” I’m looking at you, Facebook. I’m looking at you, Google+.

The networks and services online that require legal names are trapping us into the use of those names, whether we like or want that or not. Imagine a school teacher who goes by her maiden name in her class but her email provider forces her to sign her emails—even the ones to her students’ parents—with her married name. Nobody wants that (or needs it) and that’s only considering that person’s legal name, not her chosen one!

I don’t understand why (mostly) older people seem to want to protect young people online while at the same time discouraging them from using chosen names in any sphere besides the internet. If a young person uses his or her legal name online, he or she is reckless and unsafe. If they use their chosen name in real life, they’re dealing in fantasies. Kinda makes for a no-win situation, don’t you think?

My name is Eve. And Gabrielle. And V. My name is me. Respect my privacy and I might just be more willing to give you my information freely.