Daily Archives: Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Past Week via Twitter: 2011-12-18

  • @sammiguidera I… don't know if I have one?… I'd probably know if I had one, right?… is it something I can get/install? >_> #
  • people! I'm ten years old today! http://t.co/rgnmErPP well, haha, my website is, anyway. I'm ancient in internet time. Happy birthday to me! #
  • @heeeybattabatta or me. >_> #
  • holy shit: first semester ever I haven't been overwhelmed by any of my classes at any point. perchance I'm learning to manage my time? #
  • Think I might be coming down with something. >_< Need a real day off so I can hibernate… #
  • uuuuugh siiiiiiiiicky #
  • omg "Beauty and the Beast" is trending right now. whaaaaat. #awesome #
  • @Dredgly hahahahahahaaaaaaa whaaaaat. yeah, they are better than mine looooool. best christmas cards ever. #
  • omg Twitter why you so irritating??? #