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12 Moments 11: #12

This entry is part of 12 Moments in Anime 2011.

#12 is Gilbert and Vincent Nightray from Pandora Hearts (ANN). Watching Pandora Hearts had kind of on my “anime I should watch” list since it came out, but I never got around to it until this Autumn, when I found out that a friend of mine hadn’t seen any new(-ish) anime since… high school or something. It was sad-as-in-pathetic, so we watched all of Pandora Hearts in two Friday evenings.

Gilbert and Vincent Nightray

Of course, I always go for the tormented (Gilbert) and crazy (Vincent) ones, so these brothers are right up my alley. The series ended at 24 episodes, and my friend found out why Vincent was so insane (and Gilbert so moody) after reading up on the manga, which continues the story. Turns out that it might not be for as great a reason as I hoped, though it’s probably a realistic one. (Haha, no spoilers, guys, even though the series is already like 3 years old or something.)

12 Moments in Anime 2011

12 Moments in Anime 2011

This is the third year in a row, guys! (2009, 2010) As per usual, I’ll be following the correct calendar for the twelve days, starting on Christmas Day and ending on the day before Epiphany.

Without further adieu, I give you…

Twelve Moments in Anime 2011
12. December 25: Gilbert and Vincent Nightray from Pandora Hearts
11. December 26: the animal characters in Princess Tutu
10. December 27: finishing a convention recap before attending the next convention
09. December 28: tumblr
08. December 29: complications surrounding Gundam Wing‘s pilot designations (01, 02, etc.)
07. December 30: finishing my Yaoi-Con recap
06. December 31: my holiday card this year
05. January 1: Yaoi Press review copies (Happy New Year!)
04. January 2: as yet untitled future comic with Sammi!
03. January 3: TokyoPOP shutting down
02. January 4: figuring out that one anime was Dead Leaves!
01. January 5: the 30-day Anime Challenge

The Past Week via Twitter: 2011-12-25

  • haha whaaat. RT @postcrossing RT @BookCrossing Go to google and type in LET IT SNOW (also try HANUKKAH for a different ummm Easter Egg.) #
  • @Dredgly Han Solo and Chewbacca! #
  • @Dredgly @Zekor you're Jedi, B, obvs. if you're still undecided, though, look up Jacen Solo. 1 of the greatest characters in the SW universe #
  • @Zekor I have no sympathy for you in this case. #
  • @Zekor @Dredgly did you never WATCH the movies? It's not about about not having emotions, it's about be able to control them. >_> #
  • @xxxchurch no offense to the person on your team who found that article, but it (& the study upon which it's based) is completely bullshit. #
  • okay, today: rewrite holiday update, get tips, mail out boxes!, find copy of the first Sherlock Holmes movie (2009) #
  • Post Office = madhouse #
  • @Zekor for a madhouse, though, it's very polite. #
  • "What do you see?" — "Everything; it is my curse." #
  • a very short poem (inspired by a true story): alone / in my house / on a / Tuesday. #
  • okay, the last time I felt this way about something, I paid more than $200 (total) to see _The Dark Knight_ over and over in theaters… #
  • …and it never really went away. I don't know if I can handle that again. #
  • @lopsidedgrin you're quite welcome. #
  • @Zekor I know. I don't know if I can stop it. And if I don't stop it, I don't know if I'll be able to control it. #
  • @Zekor I literally have no money, so I don't think paying for it's going to be a problem. #
  • @Zekor I'm worried about being desperate enough to seriously consider less legal options. #
  • @Zekor goddamnit; that's the problem. not torrenting it, I mean, but having to wait. obsession doesn't wait and I'll be consumed by it. argh #
  • Have you ever purposefully deleted something you knew was important without ever having read it? Gods, my head hurts. #
  • so, I watched all 3 eps. of Sherlock s.1 yesterday & now I'm kicking myself b/c I'll have to wait a whole week (gasp!) to watch ep.1 of s.2 #
  • in the larger scheme of things, I could've been waiting an entire year, I suppose, but my brain is conveniently forgetting that @ the moment #
  • @vintageortacky yes! yes, exactly! #
  • @Dredgly I see what you mean. #
  • @Mousapelli … at least you got a warning and he didn't just randomly show up for funsies…? #
  • I *think* I can handle 16 more hours of Christmas music, but if I have to listen to a single minute more than that… #
  • oh shit wait, I forgot about Christmas Day. godsdamnit. #justkillmenow #
  • @Mousapelli omg your family is like a sitcom. I mean, seriously. #
  • @Mousapelli ooooommmmmggggg brb dyyyying #
  • When someone says "Merry Xmas" I say "You too." When someone asks what I'm doing for Xmas? Do I tell them EVERY time that I don't celebrate? #
  • @Zekor so I "celebrate" because I don't rock the boat around people who DO celebrate? meh. I celebrate a lot of things, then. #
  • @Dredgly @Zekor exactly, Day. thank you. #
  • someone explain to me why some customers think that "But I come here all the time" is a good argument when talking to an employee–seriously #
  • @Zekor but why THAT? I mean… I "come here all the time", too… in fact, I'm going to win, if that's what we're talking about. just sayin' #
  • @Zekor after she said it didn't taste enough like eggnog and I told her we made it exactly like she ordered it. #
  • @Zekor that's what you get when you order "two-thirds nonfat and one-third eggnog"… jesus. #
  • @Zekor and she said, "But I come here all the time" and I said, "I do, too" without even thinking about it–& that might've been a mistake. #
  • @Zekor stupidity of course. what she really MEANT was "I've come here before and they've made it the way I like it that time/those times" #
  • @Zekor which is fine, but why not just say THAT instead of trying to imply that you're there at the store more than I am? #
  • @Zekor not a mistake, then. I doubt anyone will even mention it tomorrow. #
  • @Zekor except that, in the moment, we were suddenly talking about time instead of her drink, which was the (apparent) problem. #
  • @Zekor of course she wasn't SAYING it… hence the implication. but "I come here all the time" necessarily implies that either… #
  • @Zekor … (1) [a] I should know you and [b] give a flying fuck about you, or (2) you're at the store more often than I am. #
  • @Zekor whatever. I'm over it. I just think people should think about what comes out of their mouths once in a while. #
  • @Zekor she didn't say what she meant, and she assumed I would care one way or the other. also, she wasn't exactly polite about it, so… #
  • not going to lie: I'm pretty sure the best thing about Christmas this year is that it will be over in 48 hours. #Scrooge #

How I do the season

How I do the season

So, I work in a retail store wherein Christmas songs are playing nonstop every single day from November 15 until Christmas Day. I don’t dislike Christmas songs, generally speaking, except for “Santa Baby” and “It’s Cold Outside”, but hearing any song over and over and over for any extended period of time is going to make me hate it.

Here’s how I do Christmas where I work. A customer says, “Merry Christmas!” and I say, “You, too!”

A customer says, “Happy holidays!” and I say, “You, too!”

A customer says, “Happy Hanukkah!” and I say, “You, too!” I’m sure you get the idea, here.

I’m not against anyone celebrating their own version of the winter holidays. Seriously, I’m not. And I say it as non-curmudgeonly as I can, which—I admit—after a few hours, isn’t saying all that much. But I honest-to-gods try to be nice about it.

What irritates me is two-fold. First, that people assume I celebrate what they do. That’s… overlook-able, I suppose, since (1) people are afraid of what they don’t understand, (2) they incorrectly assume that everyone is like them, and (3) it’s in the “giving spirit” of the holidays, no matter what words actually came out of their mouths.

Second—less common and more irritating—that when they find out I that I don’t celebrate what they do (let’s just be honest here and say that it only happens with Christmas because it’s never happened with anyone except the Christians) they get offended and either (1) try to convert me on the spot, or (2) immediately tell me that I’m “part of the problem” in the “war on Christmas” (seriously??), or (3) immediately try to guess whatever holiday-of-the-moment I do celebrate and then explain how that’s actually just another way of celebrating Christmas because Jesus is in everyone no matter what.

I mean, really. You think all that is going to get me into the “spirit of the season”? Ugh.

Since before November 15, I have been complaining trying really hard not to complain about the Christmas music, putting up with the ridiculous Santa hats and reindeer antlers, tolerating everyone’s apparent (and, I hope to gods, temporary) lack of taste in clothing (when else, after all, is it acceptable to wear such gauche sweaters and jewelry?), and trying not to be bitter about everyone suddenly being “nice” and “caring” when I would rather just have them be decent all year round instead of hateful the rest of the year and sickly sweet for a month at the end.

So, fine. I’m Scrooge. I’m the Grinch. Whatever. During the holiday season, I just (1) accept presents that are given to me—because who doesn’t like presents?—and (2) try not to strangle anyone.