12 Moments 11: #05

This entry is part of 12 Moments in Anime 2011.

#05 is all the Yaoi Press review copies I still have sitting in my inbox. I could be called a not-so-great reviewer… not because sometimes I don’t review things people want me to, but because (in this case) I’ve actually planned to review this Yaoi Press stuff and haven’t ever gotten around to it. I really need to make a schedule or something—and stick to it!

Here’s what I’ve got in my inbox:
Maelstrom 1-7
Belovéd 3956 & 5860
Spring Demon 1
Team Yaoi

Do you all have a preference as to which one I read first? Or, for that matter, does someone want to read one for me and write up a guest blog? I’ll happily post your thoughts here and you’ll get to read free, original yaoi! It’s win-win. Let me know.

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