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The Past Week via Twitter: 2012-03-18

  • guess what?! I've got @yaoipress story "Maelstrom" on tap over here: http://t.co/4ENuTulq anyone else read it? did you like? (I did!) #yaoi #
  • @yaoipress I have 5-7 but not 8 haha. #Maelstrom #yaoi #
  • @yaoipress yes! I've got it saved in my inbox. see if I cant get to it sooner than later. want to know what happens! *_* #
  • @Dredgly "I wanna drink goat's blood." — "But son; it's only Tuesday." #
  • @TweetsofOld the same could be said today … sadly about both the woman and the bicycle. #
  • @Dredgly lol, I know, right? hahaha #
  • Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" RT @DovesandSerpent: Hallelujah Chorus – …just get the Shrek connection out of the way. http://t.co/X6DCFHHe #