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The Past Week via Twitter: 2012-03-25

  • @sammiguidera I just watched "Totoro" the other night because I wanted to read that article you talked about a while back… #anime #
  • @sammiguidera I still haven't gotten up the nerve to read the article, though. haha ^_^;; #anime #
  • RT @mintychip .@postsecret morning. A weekly reminder that even on our worst days, we are not alone. #
  • RT @TweetsofOld There are five churches here, and if a little Christianity could be found to go with them, we would be nicely fixed. IL1892 #
  • haha whaaaat. RT @Jonathan_Rocks Captain Jack Sparrow. Buying a beer. http://t.co/RcVw90O3 #
  • Haha I Laughed RT @editorialiste: Let's Stop Capitalizing Chatty Blog Headlines Because It Looks Weird And Oddly Formal #
  • nachooooooos #
  • seriously, though: the Prometheus trailer reminds me way too much of Event Horizon. nooo, thank you. #
  • @justicewrites that was basically the problem with the book, too. wasn't super well written, but is it still worth seeing? #HungerGames #
  • @KaylieJones I really REALLY hope that passes. Because, seriously. #
  • RT @KaylieJones: http://t.co/o3lrfRDq HAHAHAHAH! Senator introduces bill to make men see sex therapist B4 getting Viagra prescription. #
  • Damn it, Hemingway, I don't even like you RT @AdviceToWriters: Anyone who says he wants to be a writer & isn’t writing, doesn’t. HEMINGWAY #
  • @FCKH8 seriously? I like him more and more, teeny bopper or no. #
  • Actually, defining myself as "gay" is still too narrow. RT @FCKH8: Radio Host Bigot Says GAYS DON'T EXIST?! LOL! http://t.co/ocaXivyU #