The Past Week via Twitter: 2012-03-11

  • This. RT @AdviceToWriters: Write the book you want to read. CHUCK PALAHNIUK #writing #writetip #
  • smart guy. RT @fishmark: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” ~ Henry Ford #
  • Whaaat. RT @TweetsofOld: One of the strangest freaks in human nature is that of a young man in Almond, N.Y., who married a hay press. NY1885 #
  • RT @boudledidge: Revealed: The best and worst places to be a woman – World Politics – World – The Independent #
  • @TheYaoiReview BLU was part of TokyoPOP, soo…?? If TP died, it follows BLU did too, right? I mean, that's not a GIANT leap to make, is it? #
  • @FirstWorldPains if you can't afford an abortion, good luck with a baby. #unfollowed #
  • I have 4 items on the to-do list today, not including a doctor's appointment & a class. 3 of the 4 involve #writing no surprise there. #
  • Trip to doctor is way more high-tech than I remember. #
  • @Zekor who else? #
  • RT @postsecret 2 things I'd tell my younger self: Cracking your knuckles wont lead to arthritis & be kinder to your back; sit less walk more #
  • RT @AdviceToWriters: Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public. PAULO COELHO #writing #
  • @WitchSchool My thinking is so quick that it jumbles up coming out of my mouth and I have to repeat myself anyway. #
  • @Zekor @everyoneinthefreakinworld the world won't end if you hold off tying the knot for three or four years. or, you know, forever… >_> #
  • Having no power @ night has a bonus of forcing me to sleep when I should, except the stuff that's being worked on is right under my window. #
  • I wish I remembered this more RT @TWLOHA: “Truth is like heat or light; its vibrations are endless, & are endlessly felt.” – Margaret Deland #
  • Without tea, there is nothing. #
  • "Apple Juice Cocktail with Splenda" is no where near as good as apple juice. Why in seven hells do people drink this stuff? #
  • something is wrong. #
  • Truth. RT @TWLOHA: “The question is not what you look at, but what you see.” — Henry David Thoreau #
  • Whaaaaaaat. As of I didn't have enough to do already. RT @poetrynews: 425 Free Online Courses #
  • I've lived on both coasts; this is reasonably accurate. RT @Oatmeal: Wearing a suit to work on east VS west coasts #
  • I even have this problem in languages other than English. RT @AdviceToWriters: I can't stand a sentence until it sounds right. JOHN McPHEE #
  • omg i<3u RT @estherium i'm sacrificing "me" time to stay at work and clear off my desk… by flipping my desk over and setting it on fire. #
  • @xxxchurch not impressed by the guy who freaked out over accidentally lusting over another guy. OH NOES. -_- #
  • @Mousapelli you are quite welcome! don't know if you even like it haha but if not, just pass it along ^_^ #
  • @Mousapelli Had directions for a baby blanket (even tho I have no baby) & I was going to work up to an adult-size. That worked out, obvs. #
  • @Zekor I doubt I would use the elevator for only one floor even in heels unless I could tell my feet were bleeding & then fuck all if I care #
  • tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tock #
  • I think I remember that, actually. >_> RT @mental_floss: The first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired 15 years ago today. #
  • Have you seen this, @Zekor? RT @tokyohive: Poster for “Rurouni Kenshin” live-action movie revealed #
  • brb crying RT @TWLOHA: "Protecting people from the truth is another way of shutting them out. —Blaize Clement #
  • RT @maymaym: Being closeted puts your partners in closet under threat of losing the #relationship NOT a safe space.SA #
  • @maymaym I agree, but I've never had to balance my safety and security. how to go about the back and forth? #
  • This exactly. RT @maymaym: RT @wanderingpirate Audience talks of the #illegibility of #polyamory it gets read as swinging/cheating/etc. #
  • pretty sure I hate people. #
  • Just the single GIRL? >_> RT @xxxchurch: Question of the Week: What Would You Tell a Single Girl About Married Sex? #
  • @maymaym well, yeah. I suppose I have, but I guess I meant in drastic/traumatic (life or death type) situations. #
  • @xxxchurch you sound like Mao, except that doing what one likes isn't necessarily or even ordinarily a false freedom. #

Viannah E. Duncan

Viannah E. Duncan is a writer and activist hailing originally from Los Angeles. She lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She has a cat, Cleo.

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