Korean w/ phone number

Here’s something I found at the end of April this year and haven’t managed to scan and upload the image until today. On the front (left image), it says:

# 15 [Korean]
( [Korean] )

Actually, I’m not sure if it’s Korean, but it’s my best guess; it could be Chinese, Japanese, or Thai. In any case, I can’t read that part since I don’t know any of those languages even well enough to recognize which one it is.

On front On back
(Click for larger image.)

On the back (right image) on the top it has realty information, upside down: the name of the realty and its address in La Canada Flintridge. Near the bottom, I have handwritten in relatively neat printed letters:

10:30 am approx.
28 April 2012
in front of LC post office

Underneath that is the upside down picture of Anita Gray (I assume), a realtor working for Dickson Podley, and her contact information (phone number, email address, and website).

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