The Past Week via Twitter: 2012-08-12

  • RT @MoveOn: An outraged Eagle Scout wrote THIS powerful letter when he sent back his medal @boyscouts #boyscouts #
  • Eff you, Boy Scouts of America. Eff you. #
  • At the Silent Movie Movie Theatre for #Kumare with @Cinefamily yeah! #
  • Learn more about #Kumare at and the @Cinefamily at #
  • Sitting in my seat for #Kumare so I'm silencing my phone. See you after! #
  • Omg #Kumare #
  • @MarsCuriosity Fuck yeah! #Mars #MSL #JPL #NASA #
  • Wooooooo. RT @MarsCuriosity: I'm safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!! #MSL #
  • RT @annelisebaer: It's not very often I'm proud of my hometown, but every now and then we make shit land on Mars and it's pretty fantastic #
  • So proud of #JPL right now! RT @neiltyson: Jet Propulsion Labs, NASA: A reminder of what it feels like "to boldly go" #
  • ^_______^ RT @annelisebaer: I could watch this gif all day: #MSL #NASA #Curiosity #JPL #
  • Haha, oh punctuation. RT @TweetsofOld: Teacher: When people take everything literally, we say they are what? Johnny: Kleptomaniacs TX1905 #
  • @tofugu yes! my sister says it all the time, usually right after the prayer. don't know how that works, but… in reply to tofugu #
  • RT @TWLOHA: "It happened to you, but it doesn't define you." #
  • Yaay gender essentialism. -_- (Ugh.) RT @MagicSauceMedia: The Geek 'Fashion' Culture of Silicon Valley Hurts My Eyes #
  • RT @TWLOHA: “We make our lives out of chaos. And hope.” – Bones #
  • Who knew? RT @TweetsofOld Many a woman who wishes she had been born a man would be surprised to know that her husband shares the wish TX1912 #
  • RT @AdviceToWriters: The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes. ANDRÉ GIDE #literature #writing #
  • I've decided that I am only capable of being an adult 8 hours a day. After that, I basically revert to age 12 & refuse to "be responsible". #
  • Note to self: Prepare everything for the next day before you sleep. Seriously, it's not that hard & you'll thank yourself in the morning. #
  • Also: When you have a 7 AM shift, don't stay up past midnight. No sleep = bad news. Give yourself a fighting chance, for crying out loud. #
  • Yeah, could be. RT @brainpicker: “Inspiring hope in a cynical world might be the most radical thing you can possibly do.” #
  • this is fuckin' ridiculous. gods, I think I'm going to be sick. #
  • I need to stop reading essays and articles about rape culture on my work breaks. It's seriously not a good idea. -_- #rapeculture #
  • Yep. Yeeeeep. Yep x100000 RT @deetskies: so. on. point. #feminism #rapeculture #
  • Achievement unlocked! Cat Maiden Goddess for taking all 4 cats to vet at once and getting them all back home with everyone in one piece! #
  • I kind of liked that Jordin Sparks song "No Air" until I found out Chris Brown is singing in it. Totally ruined it for me. Asshole. -_- #
  • Yes! RT @Dredgly: Can't I just stay home and watch Golden Girls & Jem all day? Maybe throw some old school My little Ponies up in that jam? in reply to Dredgly #
  • @postsecret gods I miss New York so much. in reply to postsecret #
  • RT @WhimsicAlley: Back in July, Alison had a "gorgeously geeky" #HarryPotter themed wedding. We can't help but share: #
  • RT @MarsCuriosity: After all the excitement this week, here's your moment of Zen… from Mars [Video] #MSL #
  • @donnatalarico the crepes place! (or is that Rachel's?) in reply to donnatalarico #
  • New phone case is red! It's preeeeeetty. #
  • RT @TWLOHA: “Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely.” – Land Before Time #
  • omg it'd be like flying. RT @mandyvandeven: This freaks me out. "Clear-bottomed swimming pool atop skyscraper" #
  • Interesting what a summer can accomplish. #

Viannah E. Duncan

Viannah E. Duncan is a writer and activist hailing originally from Los Angeles. She lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She has a cat, Cleo.

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