The Past Week via Twitter: 2012-08-26

  • So, when it's really late at night and I'm hungry, what do I do? #
  • Bad dreams. -_- #
  • RT @TWLOHA: "Oh, my friend, it's not what they take away from you that counts. It's what you do with what you have left." – Hubert Humphrey #
  • Pretty. RT @mandyvandeven: Storm King #
  • Lemonade! Homemade! Right now! Yaaaaay. Thanks, @Nate_TheMan_ and @Deidre ^_^ #
  • Tesla! RT @GeekGirlCon: Nikola Tesla campaign earns $500,000 online in two days by @AdamGabbatt via @Oatmeal #
  • So I think we might be going to the City of Angels Cathedral for family night. >_> #
  • Yep. Visiting the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles. This should be interesting. #
  • Pretty sure I've never seen a confessional in real life. >_> #
  • Here, guys, have some Greek (I think?) from the Mausoleum underneath the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels. #
  • Pretty sure I'm done with family obligations for the evening! Now I might crash without even realizing it while I'm lying here being lazy. #
  • Omg falling asleep already. #
  • Way to maximize your profits. ^_^ RT @AnimeNewsNet: News: Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Bloopers Lead to Gum Ads #anime #
  • Maybe one day I'll be too tired for nightmares. I would like that. #
  • @iamiangrey wow. Fuck you, whoever thinks this. "Legitimate rape"?? Fuck you. in reply to iamiangrey #
  • Hahaha as if. RT @TweetsofOld: A heckler who could hurl in a few lines of good constructive criticism would be a welcome novelty. OH1920 #
  • I agree w/ Ensler, but I shouldn't have read her letter right before (trying to) sleep. T_T #
  • Apparently the correlation between my having a good day, then really bad nightmares is direct, not inverse. I hope causation isn't involved. #
  • All right, I laughed. RT @GeekGirlCon: Please enjoy the gag reel from @Avengers via @io9 #
  • It's about time, too. That's not sad; it's great. A long time coming. RT @xxxchurch: The sad truth about virginity #
  • @foodforfel I don't know. People around here are split. in reply to foodforfel #
  • It's official. I am not a scientist. Not that I ever claimed to be one, but still. omfg. #
  • I think you mean, solution: HEADPHONES. RT @xxxchurch: Laptop Speakers: Too quiet for music, too loud for porn. Solution: DON'T WATCH PORN! #
  • RT @AdviceToWriters: Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.
    E.L. DOCTOROW #writing #
  • Haha I know, right? RT @Widgett: @AdviceToWriters: It's socially acceptable now? Wow. I had no idea. #
  • RT @wilw: "I sure am glad the SyFy channel is doing more reality shows, instead of original Science Fiction shows!" – Nobody, ever. #
  • I can't find my glasses. T_T #
  • Am I surprised? No; no, I am not. RT @thesadredearth: Fuck that shit: How America Swears – A Map of Twitter Profanity #
  • The fuck. RT @maymaym: #Rape survivor forced to birth, share custody of child w/rapist: …legal in 31 States in 2012. #
  • Good rule. RT @TFLN: (541): Nope if you can't be there for me emotionally, then my vagina can't be there for you physically. That's my rule. #
  • New favorite football team. Seriously. "San Francisco 49ers Make 'It Gets Better' Video. WATCH:" /via @FCKH8 #
  • NTS: show this to Dad. RT @brainpicker: This is amazing–every known hurricane and tropical storm since 1851, visualized #
  • (NTS = note to self) #
  • So, I'm not super excited about seeing this friend I need/get to see, but I'm obligated to do so because he won't be in town for very long. #
  • I don't like surprises. >_> I don't think he knows that, though he should since he knows @Dredgly and she doesn't like surprises either. #
  • Who knew? RT @inkyelbows Writers: Getting distracted? Use plain old paper & pen to write & increase your productivity. #
  • No matter when I go to sleep, for some reason I always wake up at 4:00 or 4:30 AM. #
  • Uuuugh I have to be up again in another two hours for medicine. DO NOT WANT. T_T #
  • @Dredgly nothing out of character, of course, but I would've liked a little more prep time, you know? I'll tell you abt it later if you want in reply to Dredgly #
  • I don't feel so good. #
  • Okay, less than 6 hours to go. I can do this. #theLittleEngineThatCould #
  • Strawberry smoothie is really good when you're hungry but have no money for food. >_> I'm just sayin'. #
  • Just over an hour. Then shower. Then… who knows. #
  • Breathe deep. Just another hour. #

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Viannah E. Duncan is a writer and activist hailing originally from Los Angeles. She lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She has a cat, Cleo.

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