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Dermagist Dermal Revitalizing AgentNOTE: I’ve been sitting on this review for more than a couple months, and there’s a combination of reasons why I haven’t published it until now. The obvious reasons include computer problems and lack of time to finish writing up my thoughts. The less obvious reason is actually the more important one: I didn’t see any significant difference in the way my face looked before than after doing my a-little-more-than-one-month trial—see for yourself. (As usual, if you’d like a larger picture, please click the images to the left and right. The image directly to the right will take you to the Dermagist website.)

August 10, eveningDay 1: evening of Friday, 10 August 2012. This image is from right after I washed my face but before I began using the cream. The first half of the month I used Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub to wash my face before applying Dermal Revitalizing Agent from Dermagist; the second half (after I ran out of the scrub), I used Clearasil Daily Clear Oil-Free Daily Face Wash. Since this review is for the Dermagist product, I won’t be talking about the scrub or face wash, but I wanted to mention them so that other readers (consumers) will have the full story. All right, so, this image is my baseline. The Dermal Revitalizing Agent purports to do four main things: “Dramatically reduce the look of wrinkles, redness, enlarged pores, and age spots with this ‘all-in-one’ creamy serum.”

August 20 late morningDay 10: late morning of Monday, 20 August 2012. This image was taken shortly after an application of the serum. As you can tell, I don’t have many wrinkles or age spots (yet), but I do have some faint skin redness and enlarged pores—the latter of which is the primary reason I chose to review this serum over the other products Dermagist offers. I received a package in the mail in early August containing a full-size vial of the Dermal Revitalizing Agent—something I really appreciated because it allowed me to really put the serum to the test before reporting to you all. The directions in the package I received (and which I followed to the best of my ability) indicated that twice a day I should wash my face, apply the serum liberally, gently rub it in until it disappeared, and then carry on as usual. I really liked the serum’s smell and feel on my skin; it’s a bit orangey smelling and feels fresh, not at all oily. When it rubbed in, it was like I never applied it at all: very promising. I don’t wear makeup except on special occasions, so even applying Dermal Revitalizing Agent twice a day was a big push up for me.

August 31 eveningDay 21: evening of Friday, 31 August 2012. This image was taken after the second serum application of the day. A little more than halfway through my trial, I still hadn’t seen much (any?) improvement in the size of my pores, though I admit my skin was cleaner and clearer than normal because I was taking care of it rather than just ignoring it until the last possible moment. I was discouraged, but I’d started the trial and I was going to finish it, dagnabit. After all, some skin treatments take four-to-six weeks to take full effect, and I hoped that was the case here. Even though it was a full-size product instead of a trial-size, one thing that annoyed me about the vial was that when I pressed down the squirter part, it didn’t quite give me enough serum to cover my entire face. But when I pressed it down twice, I had way too much. There’s no way to put the serum back into the vial—not that I’d want to anyway, I suppose—but what was I supposed to do with the extra? Use it on my hands? It seemed like a waste.

September 13 early afternoonDay 34: early afternoon of Thursday, 13 September 2012. This image was taken shortly after my last application of Dermal Revitalizing Agent. Unfortunately, I didn’t see much improvement in any of the ways that Dermagist promised, even after 34 days (four weeks and some change). Now, I admit that I’m a bit young to try reducing wrinkles or age spots, so perhaps I’m not the target audience for improvement in those areas. However, I do have enlarged pores and some faint skin redness (as I mentioned, and as I’m sure you can tell), and so I am at least part of the target audience for an entire half of Dermal Revitalizing Agent’s explicit purpose. With a price tag between $75 and $100 for one 50 mL vial (the price depends on if you can get it at a discount or not), it wouldn’t be worth it for me to continue to purchase this product. In the end, the negatives (the lack of positives, actually) outweighed the positives. Maybe older users have had more luck. Dermagist says it has a thirty-day money-back guarantee, but I’ve also heard some not-great things about their customer service and auto-ship program, so your mileage my vary.

Most of Dermagist’s products are more on what I would consider the expensive side, but if they work, they work. I wish that was the case with the serum I tried. They ship orders over $198 for free, ship worldwide, and accept Paypal and credit cards through Paypal. If you try out Dermal Revitalizing Agent (or any other Dermagist product), let me know how you like it!

Viannah E. Duncan

Viannah E. Duncan is a writer and activist hailing originally from Los Angeles. She lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She has a cat, Cleo.

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