30-Day Poetry: 22

Day 22—What is the first car you bought/drove/remember? Write a poem about it.

I admit

I was never very careful about my driving—in a car, on a bicycle, or on skates.
I’ve had my fair share of bruises and scrapes, bumps and blood.
Once, I even walked away from a totaled wreck without so much as a scratch,
though I did have a serious headache that evening.
I learned how to drive stick shift in a car older than I was.
I guess my parents figured I couldn’t do much more to the poor vehicle—
it had already seen so much. Manual shifting is more difficult until it’s not.
Scraping by the freeway guardrails wasn’t my idea of fun,
knowing how to drive or not. Who in their right mind
would let a kid behind the wheel, anyway? I guess we all have to learn sometime.

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