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Star Trek (viewed at home 11 May 2013)
I actually saw this film in theaters when it came out in 2009. I was still living in New York City at the time, and I remember being irritated with the fabricated relationship between Spock and Uhura. When my grandma, my dad, and I sat down to watch it again, it was my grandmother’s first time. (She ended up liking it and wanted “another episode with the same actors”, so there’s that.) My dad and I talked most of the way through it in quips and incredulity, but in the end, the music was the best. It was great in the 60s (or so I’ve heard), and why fix something when it’s not broken, right? Anyway, my brother’s already announced that he and my dad will be seeing the new movie when it comes out and the family is in Texas in mid-May 2013 for my brother’s college graduation. So, we (re)watched this film partially in order to prepare for that. I’m not sure I’ll get to see it with my father and brother in Texas, but I’m sure I’ll watch the new one sometime.

42 (viewed in theaters 05 May 2013)
Grandma’s choice for family night. Decent. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but if I had a favorite team, it would be the Brooklyn Dodgers. The film fails the Bechdel test, but I suppose it’s a man’s world then and now. -_- I don’t like movies like this (see also: The Blind Side and others) because they just end up making white people feel like we weren’t as bad as we actually were… and still are. It makes white people feel like Racism Is Over, when it’s so obviously not. Ugh. I mean. Just… ugh.

Supernatural, season 6 (viewed at home late April—mid-May 2013)
Okay, so Sammy is back together in one piece… sorta. Castiel’s gone darkside… apparently. Dean’s completely removed himself from Lisa and Ben’s lives… ALL MY FEELS. I just… T_T I want to yell at them all to get the fuck over themselves and be a family again because SERIOUSLY. All this angst. But the more I watch this series, the more I want to write something about sibling relationships in media (film/TV, literature, etc). I’ll put that on my to-do list hahaha. >_>

The Dark Knight Rises (viewed at home 01 May 2013)
I saw The Dark Knight in theaters in 2008 probably ten times, but unfortunately, I never saw Rises even once. I decided one afternoon, after having a bunch of appointments cancelled on me, that I wanted to see the latter, so I met up with my best friend and we rented it. (Novel idea: renting a DVD!) It was… good, but I must admit it felt really long by the end. I thought the “romance” between Bruce Wayne and Miranda Tate was totally contrived and fan-servicey. Ugh. I read up about their backstory, so I get it, but still. I called Robin easily, though I later found out that that character was created specifically for the film and wasn’t an already-existing character. Bane was… hammy, and I didn’t like that so much, but I suppose not every villain can be dark and maniacally insane like I like them. I did like Selina Kyle and Commissioner Gordon. I was expecting more Batman and less Bruce Wayne, but I also thought the storyline was more gritty and realistic than fantastic, at least until the very end. Also, Scarecrow’s appearance as judge was awesome. “Your guilt has already been determined; this is just a sentencing.” Also also, the film utterly and completely fails the Bechdel Test. The film was good, but I liked The Dark Knight much better. Then B mentioned (again, apparently?) that he’s still never seen Batman Begins, so that’s obviously next on the list.

Supernatural, season 5 (viewed at home April 2013)
I can’t even. Sam… and then Dean… and then Sam… and Castiel… and Dean… I can’t. Overall, I think this about sums it up.

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