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The Great Impostor (viewed at home 16 June 2013)
Grandma’s choice for family night. She picked from two films: one her daughter’s favorite, and the other her favorite (of the two). I don’t know what the other choice was. This film is loosely based on the real life story of Ferdinand Waldo Demara. The film Catch Me if You Can was also mentioned in discussion afterward, and I had to look up the films to make sure that they weren’t about the same person. (They’re not, though both films are based on real life impostors.) This film was decent. Black and white, kind of slow for my taste, and I thought it dragged in a couple places, but it wasn’t a bad film by any means. I’m kinda glad my grandmother is dragging out all this old films (from her era) because I’m getting a film education without even trying. I can’t fault her taste in films; it’s just that she hasn’t seen anything recently that she thinks is worthwhile… but isn’t that always the case? ^_^

Tokyo Godfathers (viewed at home 09 June 2013)
One of my sister’s favorite movies and her choice for family night, which is about what it sounds like. We picked up movie popcorn at the theater and slushees and candy at a nearby 7/11 before heading home again to watch this film in Japanese with English subtitles. (I’m pretty sure our parents would’ve insisted on watching it dubbed if that had been an option, but it wasn’t, so subtitles had to do.) And you know what?—it’s actually a really good movie; I don’t know if it was because my bar was set so low, but I was rather impressed. Recently, I’ve discovered that movies and stories about straight people doing straight things is…. well, seriously boring, so I was pleased that Tokyo Godfathers shook it up a bit. One of the main characters is transgender, for example, and it made me happy… except that the character herself was played off as more a caricature than an actual person. (I know, I know; I’m never happy, right? Well, no; I just have high expectations for “good literature and film”.) But on the plus side, she didn’t die at the end, so that’s good right? (So, yes, in some ways, my expectations are pathetically low.) But, I digress. My grandmother couldn’t read the subtitles, so my mother read all of them to her. Well, she wouldn’t say the word “queer” and I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it at that moment… even though it is a big deal. I’m not sure she even realized how… not okay that was. It’s making me upset to think about it any further, and maybe I’ll unpack it someday, but this short(ish) review isn’t that day. Bottom line: good movie. Watch it.

Supernatural, season 7 (viewed at home late May—early June 2013)
Leviathan? Really? Can’t Sam and Dean ever catch a break? I mean, these poor guys, saving the world multiple times and it’s unlikely (and getting more unlikely?) that they’ll even survive it to the end. Supernatural really is in my top five favorite American/English TV shows of all time, but damn; I just feel awful that these brothers have basically sacrificed everything—over and over—in order to keep this world turning, so to speak. I feel the same way about them that I did about Angel (title character in Angel, a show also in my top five) when he literally signed away his soul in order to get enough shit together to prevent the world from figuratively collapsing in on itself. Just… jeez.

Iron Man 3 (viewed in theaters 22 May 2013)
My best friend and I went to see this in theaters in the middle of the week (partially to avoid people… which was only partially successful, I’m afraid). I drove, he paid. It was all right. The first one is still better. I liked Pepper Potts better in this one, though, at least somewhat because she actually had a decent role in the film and saved Tony’s ass literally this time instead of just figuratively. As I said, the film was all right. Not enough people of color, not enough non-heterosexual relationships; I’m getting really tired of the same thing over and over and while Iron Man 3 is good if I just want to turn off my brain (more shit blowing up?? who knew?), it’s not particularly good for anything else. Meh.

Star Trek Into Darkness (viewed in theaters 16 May 2013)
I did indeed get to see Into Darkness with my father, brother, and sister (and a few of my brother’s friends) in Waco, Texas, on the eve of my brother’s graduation from college. Basically, it’s a remixing of Wrath of Khan, and while I think the actor who played Khan in this new film is a pretty good actor (BBC Sherlock!!), KHAN IS A PERSON OF COLOR, GODSDAMNIT. I just… I couldn’t even talk about it (as a problematic aspect of the movie) with the rest of the group because everyone was completely oblivious to the whole thing; white people, after all, are represented well in film and television. Also, WHERE WERE ALL THE WOMEN LEADERS IN THE FUTURE?? WTF, JJ Abrams… Gene Rodenberry would be ashamed of you. Ugh. It was okay, but it could’ve been so. much. better.

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